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Sylvia, an example of a Zbornak

The "Zbornaks" (singular "Zbornak") are an alien species of reptilian bipeds found around the galaxy of Wander Over Yonder. One of the main characters, Sylvia, is a female Zbornak.

Physical Appearance[]

The average Zbornak has a round body with a long neck and snout and a long tail. They have stubby, three-fingered hands and two-toed feet. They also have a dorsal fin on their heads and end of their tails.

The main difference between a female and male Zbornak are the horns located on the latter's snout. Also, male Zbornaks appear to be larger than females and have spikes on their tail.


Very little of Zbornak culture has been shown in it entirety, but it seems to be a combination of modern and prehistoric life, similar to "The Flinstones".

Distinguishing characteristics[]

Zbornaks are intelligent and sapient beings with incredible physical strength and stamina, able to fight off multiple groups of opponents at once and travel great distances for long periods of time without tiring. Their prehensile tails act as an additional limb, used primarily for combat purposes.

Zbornaks also have an extremely slow digestive process, only needing to use a restroom once every five months.