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You're the Greatest (reprise)
You're the Greatest - Reprise
Song by Full cast
Genre(s): Power rock
Length: 1:19
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"You're the Greatest (reprise)" is the seventh and final of seven songs in My Fair Hatey. It is a reprise of "You're the Greatest".


Hater: Now she's got lava and ice powers?! That's it, game over. We lose, Dominator rules!
Peepers: No, she doesn't sir! If she destroys the entire galaxy, there'll be nothing left to rule! And you're forgetting the most important thing!
Hater: What's that?

Peepers: You're the Greatest.
Lord Hater, you're the Greatest.
Hater: That's right! I am the Greatest!
In the Galaxy!
I'm back, whoo!
Lord Hater, Number One Superstar!
Yeah! Nailed it! And you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna save this galaxyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Peepers: So we can conquer it later.

Wander: (sighs) Syl, I really made a mess of things.
Sylvia: Good.
Wander: How is that good?
Sylvia: Realizing that is the first step to making things right.
Wander: Aw, Syl...

You're the greatest!
Sylvia: No, buddy, you're the greatest!
Wander and Sylvia: And together, we're gonna save this galaxy!

Hater: I'm the Greatest!
Peepers: He's the Greatest!
Watchdogs: They're the Greatest!
Sylvia: He's the greatest.
Wander: You're the greatest.
Hater: I'm the Greatest in the Galaxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......
Hater and Sylvia: yyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
Hater, Sylvia and Wander: yyyyyyyyyyyyy.....
Hater, Sylvia, Wander and Peepers: yyyyyyyyyyyy......

Dominator: Enough with the singing already! Obviously, I'm the Greatest! (tests out new powers) Besides, show's over. (snaps fingers)



  • This is Peepers' last time singing.
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