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"What's In The Box?"
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Wander running away from the giant socks
Song by Wander (first part)
Andy Bean and Lauren Faust (second and third parts)
Genre(s): Vaudville
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"What's In The Box?" is a song from "The Box", used to match Wander's obsession over trying to figure out what is in the box that is supposed to be delivered to Glen. It has three parts: The first part is sung by Wander in Sylvia's attempt to get his mind off the box; the second part is heard during Wander's second hallucination; and the third part is heard during Wander and Sylvia's fight over it.


First part

Box, box, box, box, what's in the box?
Clocks, blocks, rocks, lox, a feller named Jacques?

Second part

Box, box, box, box, what's in the box?
A meter clothes, a frankenhuter, a brand new mirror, a salsa wearer?
Box, box, box, box, box

Box, box, box, box (x8)

Third part

Box, box, box, box, something in the box
Box, box, box, box, something in the box


  • During the second part, at the beginning we see neon light portraits of socks, followed by Wander getting chased by a giant pair of socks. This is a reference to earlier in the episode when Wander repeatedly says "Pair of socks" to not think of opening the box.
  • The second part is the first time Wander is alone in a song.
  • This is the first song that ends abruptly.


BMI Work #17220242 (first part)
BMI Work #17220244 (second and third parts)

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