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Westley, You're the Best
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Westley imagines getting a medal.
Song by The Two Man Gentlemen Band
Genre(s): Ballad
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"Westley, You're the Best" is a song from "The Little Guy". It's used as background music dedicated to Westley receiving the Lord Hater Medal of Evil. It's heard once during Westley's fantasy sequence of earning the medal, and again when he earns it for real. A third part is heard during the end credits in the animatic.


First part

Westley, you're the best-ley, it's the Medal of Evil

Second part

It's the medal of evil, you deserve this
Lord Hater: No longer will Wander and Sylvia, be free to spread, their dangerous, fun-loving ways, throughout the galaxy!
Westley: Actually... (pauses, chants sadly) Hate's great, best villain.
Hate's great, best villain now
Oh, Westley, you're the best-ley

Third part (during end credits)

Westley, you were the best-ley. Our number-one watchdog. Westley, you were the best-ley. Our number-one watchdog.

Background Information

  • This is the second song heard during a fantasy moment. (Mother and Child Y'all)
  • The fan nickname for this song is "Westley's Song".
  • This song is heard instrumentally during Hater's speech of claiming to not be focused on destroying Wander anymore. ("The Big Day")


ASCAP Work #886482742

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