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Wander clones
S1e15b End of show
Several Wander clones bowing to audiences.
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"The Void"

During his and Sylvia's trip and stay at the Void, Wander conjured up "clones of himself" to help him during the musical number, "Inside Your Mind". In it, they acted as both performers, looking like  the real Wander, and as the audience, which they were shown to have a varied appearance and even gender.


Once the song finished abruptly by Sylvia shouting Wander's name, 10 to 11 Wander clones appeared in the now empty void alongside the zbornak and Wander. She then hit one of them, which then flipped over to the ground in a 3-dimensional way, to show Wander that she was real and the clones were not.

The zbornak leaves and Wander looks around to see the clones dance to the tune of the previous song. Once Wander closes his eyes and look down in regret, the clones stop and quickly flip to the ground in the same 3-dimensional way as before.

Physical Appearance[]

Removing the variations seen in the audience, all the clones look just like Wander.