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Templates are used to provide a quick way of linking to a large amount of information. All templates are surrounded by a double pair of curly braces, like this: {{Cleanup}}.

This page will list the major templates in use. Templates specifically related to editing pages are listed on the Editing templates page. Templates that make Userboxes are listed on the Userboxes page.

The full list can be seen on the Templates category page.

Credit listings[]

Template Description Output (character names are for example only and are not part of the superscript function)
Date|Year|Month|Day Used to specify a date that will be sortable. (Mostly for use in tables.) {{Date|2009|10|7}} produces 2009-10-7 7 October 2009
Cameo "(Cameo)" (in superscript) Example (Cameo)
Cameo in song|song "(Cameo in song)" (in superscript) Example (Cameo in [[{{{1}}}|song]])
Speak cameo "(Speaking cameo)" (in superscript) Example(Speaking cameo)
Nonspeak cameo "(Non-speaking cameo)" (in superscript) Example(Non-speaking cameo)
First "(First appearance)" (in superscript) Example(First appearance)
Flashback "(Appears in flashback(s))" (in superscript) Example(Appears in flashback(s))
Mentioned "(Mentioned only)" (in superscript) Example(Mentioned only)
Last "(Last appearance)" (in superscript) Example (Last appearance)
Pictured "(Pictured only)" (in superscript) Example(Pictured only)
Note Adds the note symbol at 150% of current text size. Example
Club Adds the club symbol at 150% of current text size. Example
Diamond Adds the diamond symbol at 150% of current text size. Example 
Heart Adds the heart symbol at 150% of current text size. Example
Spade Adds the spade symbol at 150% of current text size. Example
Incite "(citation needed)" with a link to Wikipedia. Used to note when proof is needed for a statement.
spoiler|text to be hidden Hides text so that it cannot immediately be seen. Click on the "[show]" link in the upper right to show the text.
SpoilersAhead Used to show that the spoilers start at this point. ----

Spoilers start here.

SpoilersEnd Used to show that the spoilers end at this point. ----

Spoilers end here.

Sup|text to be superscripted For superscripting text without using the SUP and /SUP commands. Example (pet)
unsigned|user name or IP address|link=yes/no/ip In Forum or Discussion pages, if a person forgets to sign their name with ~~~~, this template can be used to designate this. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Wikia (talkcontribs)


Template Description Output
Away Place on your User page to show you'll be away for a while
S1e10a Back in 5 minutes Back in 5 minutes.

List of templates is away for some period of time. He or she will return at some point, and may be still be contributing under their user name or an IP. Please be aware any comments to this person will not be answered as quickly as desired while this template is up.

Badfaith For user pages showing that the user continued editing inappropriately
S1e13b And just ruin everything! 'Cause the moment we try to invade, that furry freak'll show up and – play a song, or have a picnic, or challenge me to a contest, and just ruin everything!!

A page you have edited recently has been identified as possibly not in good faith. Continuing to edit in this fashion may result in a three-day removal of your editing privileges.

Please refer to How to write a great article and the Manual of Style for our guidelines and policies on how to write articles for this wiki. If you believe you have received this warning in error, contact an administrator. If you have any questions, please [[Message Wall:{{{2}}}|contact me]], or post your question to the Help desk.

Birthday For user pages showing that the user celebrates his/her birthday today
S1e9b Wander and Sylvia "Smile!" It's your happy birthday!

Today is List of templates's birthday! Greet him or her a happy birthday!

Blank Placeholder for new pages that need to have information added.
S1e9b Wander looking around the arena Oh, come on, Sylvia. The party's not that bad. Although it is poorly decorated. And not very well attended.

This article is completely BLANK! Help if you can by filling it in with information on this subject.

Blocked|how long the user is blocked|why the user is blocked Gets placed on a user's user page when the user gets blocked.
S1e12a Forcefield surrounding ship As long as this baby's on, you're never getting out of here!

This account or IP address has been blocked for how long the user is blocked due to why the user is blocked. The block will expire on {{{3}}}.

For information as to why this is not allowed, refer to the Simplified ruleset and the Block policy. If you feel this block was placed in error, leave a message on your message wall as to why you feel the block should be lifted.

Citation Used to note when proof is needed for information on a page.
S1e14b Wander 'You are here' Hmm..."You are here". We're here! See that red dot? That's us! Right here!

This page contains unverified information, since its sources are not cited.
You may help by citing sources.

Cleanup For pages that need to be heavily edited to meet standards.
S1e14a Big mess We still have one heck of a mess to clean up.

This Wander Over Yonder Wiki page may require clean-up to meet Wander Over Yonder Wiki's standards.
Please improve the Wander Over Yonder Wiki page if you can.

Delete|Reason Placed on a page to alert an admin that it probably should be deleted.

A reason can be specified within the template so that you do not need to go to the Discussion page to list the reason.

S1e13b Giant laser We'll just destroy this page with an electric laser!

This page is a candidate for deletion. Reason: Reason
If you disagree with its deletion, please explain why at Category talk:Candidates for deletion or improve the page and remove the {{delete}} notice. Administrators will need to check what links here and the page history before deleting.

Disambig For pages that are disambugation pages.
S1e10a Wander 'Bottles, bottles, everywhere' Bottles, bottles, everywhere, but no Thunder Blazz to drink!

The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title.
Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

EditSection Use it to mark a section in article that hasn't been finished or needs a lot of edits.
Section edit

This section is unfinished. Please help, edit and finish it.

Editwar|page or subject To notify a user who is involved in an edit war.
S1e3a Judge Wander talking 7 As judge, jury and prosecutionor, I demand justice!

You appear to be involved in an edit war on page or subject.
Please use a discussion page to explain why you feel your edit is correct. If you continue to be involved in edit warring, you may be blocked.

Episodes on iTunes|episodes To show which episodes a user owns on iTunes.

This user owns the following episodes on iTunes: episodes.

Expand To show that a page, or a section of the page, needs to have more information.
S1e15b Wander "Whoa, you're tiny!" Whoa! You're tiny!

It has been suggested that this page, or a section of it, be extended.
Once the points are expanded, the user may remove this tag.

Future To note that the page contains information on an upcoming episode.
S1e1a I'm so nervous - cropped I'm so nervous!!!

This article covers a topic that is yet to be released. Information in it is set to change over time.

Grammar To alert editors that the page needs to be updated to correct grammar problems. See also Wording below.
Kerkakagoo Brrrrr kakaka goooooo!

This page uses incorrect and/or poor grammar.
Please improve the Wander Over Yonder Wiki page if you can.

Inactive Placed on a User's page when they have been absent in a while.
S1e2a Wander "I can't believe Sylvia's missing this" I can't believe Sylvia's missing this.

List of templates is currently or will always be inactive on this wiki. If he or she will be returning is unknown. Note that likely any messages to this person will either be not answered or answered at a later time.

InactiveForever Indicates a user was away for a long period of time.
S1e13b Wander being sent to the next dimension The Hater I know would use his powers to send him to the Next Dimension!

Sadly, List of templates was away for a long period of time. He or she will however, still be contributing under their user name or an IP address.

Incomplete Used to note pages that need special attention for updating. Automatically adds them to the Incomplete summaries category.
I'll call my new planet whatever I want! I'll call my new planet whatever I want!

This article, transcript, or section is incomplete and needs to be completed. Any user is obliged to do so.

In use|your name Add this template at the top of the page when you will be making several changes to it, or if you're currently writing it, then remove it when done.
S1e6a Wander "I gotta know what's in this box!" I gotta know what's in this box!!!

This page or section is being written, adjusted, or improved by Wikia. Please be patient as the user does this, and as a courtesy, refrain from editing the page to avoid edit conflicts.

Languages|languages For user pages showing that the user speaks languages, other than English.
S1e19b Wander makes illegible sounds 5 There's an old Slarnian saying: GGGGHHHHXXXXIIGGGHHHH!! Which roughly translates to: "A little nice makes naughty think twice."

This user can speak the following languages: English, languages.

Locked To indicate a blog that has been locked due to excessive arguments or randomness.
S1e8a Wander and Sylvia jailed Locked

This blog has been permanently locked. Please do not unlock this blog.

MaybeDelete Show this on pages that are too far away or empty to exist but could be important.
File:Busting Candace Scream.png Look, you only get to destroy me once. If we're gonna do this, let's do it right.

This is a candidate for deletion; however, the page may recover and we can remove this template. Reason for deletion: reason
This page could be deleted, but we are keeping it for now as the current information is based off speculation. Do not delete until we have a consensus; discuss at Template talk:MaybeDelete. Admin note: Administrators will need to check what links here and the the page history before deleting.

Merge|page name To show that a page should be considered for merging with another page.

It has been suggested that this article should be merged with Wander.
You can discuss this suggestion on the talk page.

Notability To mark a page with a topic with low notability.
S1e9b Lord Hater quoting "Doom Arena" Apparently, this pathetic "Doom Arena" couldn't even terrify a trembling toddler!

The topic of this article may not meet Wander Over Yonder Wiki's general notability guideline. Please help to establish notability by adding reliable, secondary sources about the topic. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted.

NotAcceptable General-purpose template to show that changes were not acceptable. Placed on the User's message wall.
S1e3a Wander "To accept that" Nope, I refuse to accept that.

Your changes have been removed because they were incorrect, unwanted or inappropriate.
If you disagree with this or you need help understanding why they were not allowed, please explain why on the Discussion page for the article. Your reasons will be reviewed, and if they are valid, your changes reinstated.

Not US English|language shown in|US airdate If the episode/song has only been aired/sung in English outside the United States, place this on the page about the episode/song.
The subject of this article has so far only made its debut in countries other than the United States. An English version is available in countries with the episode in English. This episode will air in the U.S. on eventually, if not soon.
Not US International|language shown in|US airdate If the episode/song has only been aired/sung in a foreign language, place this on the page about the episode/song.
This episode and/or song has so far only aired in a language other than English. Quotations and lyrics from the episode and/or song are thus roughly translated from that language and are not necessarily accurate representations of the English-language dialogue. This episode will air in English eventually.
Oldcandidate To mark a page that was previously nominated for deletion.
S1e13b Old Hater and Peepers We'll both end up sad old men, wondering what might have been.

This page was previously nominated for deletion. The result of the discussion was No consensus.

On Air|episode Use this template for episodes currently on air.
S1e2a The Picnic - Way to Eat the Popcorns You found the perfect spot to watch the planets align!

List of templates is currently on air. There will be many changes on this page. Edit conflicts may happen.

Organization To mark a page that should be arrange in order. List of templates
Pictures Needed For galleries that need more pictures.
Imaginary Selfie! Imaginary selfie!...Click!

This article or gallery needs more pictures. Please add more from iTunes/Amazon/Google Play/YouTube screenshots or HQ/HD images from Disney Channel or Disney XD.
Once there is a sufficent number of pictures on the gallery, this can be removed.

Policy Designates an official policy of this wiki.
Wiki logo This page is an official policy on the Wander Over Yonder Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

Policy candidate To be placed on a page that is under consideration to become a new policy.
S1e1a Peepers giving laws Hater's Law 9,842...

This page is under review as a candidate for a new policy, but has not yet been formally adopted. Refer to the Talk page for more information.

POV Used to show that the wording of a page or section of the page needs to be adjusted to meet this wiki's Point of view specification.

This article or section does not fit the Wander Over Yonder Wiki Point of View. You can help the wiki by updating it.

Random For blogs where the comments are straying too far away from the subject of the blog.
S1e9b Sylvia mocking "Greater consciousnesses hullabaloo" Listen, you cosmic creeps, my buddy here doesn't want your greater consciousnesses hullabaloo!

This blog or thread is going off course from its subject. Any further comments need to return to the original topic. Commenting may be disabled for this blog / this thread may be closed in the near future if it continues to go astray.

Red Place this at the top of a page that has more than six broken links.

This article has a plethora of red links. You can help the wiki by clicking and adding the articles, or cleaning up unnecessary ones.

Rename If the current name of the page does not fit its real purpose, add the Rename template to it and discuss why it should be changed on the Discussion page.
S1e15a Don't wear yourself out B, cause we're just gettin' started B.T. dubs, had no idea what your name was out there in Lametown, it's Rebecca now.

This Wander Over Yonder Wiki page is a candidate to be moved to another title. See this Wander Over Yonder Wiki page's talk page for more information.

Rename-Yes|page name If the renaming discussion is successful, put this template on the Discussion page.
Example was a candidate for renaming. The result of the discussion was YES.
Rename-No|current page name|proposed name If the renaming discussion is not successful, put this template on the Discussion page.
Example was a candidate to be renamed to Sample, but the result of the discussion was NO.
Replace Video Use this template on pages with videos that have copyright complaints or its uploader closes his/her account.
Replace video

One or more videos on this page are no longer available or are flagged with a problem at the source. Please replace the videos if you can.

Revise Used to identify a page that needs to be updated, but not as severely as those with the Incomplete template.
S1e13b Batteries removed Peepers, will you just think for one second before you talk, okay?!

This article covers an essential topic and is in need of major additions and/or work. This page should be revised to bring it up to Wander Over Yonder Wiki standards found in the Manual of Style. Reason: No reason given.

Sometimes|Username To inform a user that he/she will not be editing frequently.
S1e12b Sylvia asking Wander to be quiet Today was totally nuts, and I really need a solid shut-eye sesh.

List of templates will be at this wiki occasionally. However, they will not be gone forever.

Speculation|Type of fake information To notify a user that their edits are considered unreliable.
S1e3b Wander "These guest accommodations" Well! That's one star off my five star review! These guest accommodations are lousy!

Your edits were removed because they are considered unreliable. Speculation such as false middle names or birthdays are not reliable information. If you disagree with this, please explain why on the Discussion page for the article.

Split|page name To show that a page should be considered to be split into two separate pages.

It has been suggested that this article should be split up into [[{{{1}}}]] and [[{{{2}}}]].
You can discuss this suggestion on the talk page.

Spoilers This template should be used on pages that discuss an episode that has not yet been shown in the United States.
S1e10b Wander "I'm about to make" The suspense is killing me! What's the surprise?

This article or transcript contains information regarding unaired/recently released episode(s) and/or project(s). It may contain SPOILERS. Continue reading at your own risk.

Talk Placed on the Discussion/Talk page to show that we are looking for ways to improve the article, as opposed to personal opinions of the article itself.
This is the talk page for the Wander Over Yonder Wiki page "List of templates".

This space is used for discussing improvements to the article, not to talk about or make comments about the page's subject. Please remember to stay civil and sign all of your messages with four tildes (~~~~).
Click here if you want to start a new topic. If you wish to discuss what happened in an episode, please create a Forum.

TempPro Placed on a page to show that it has been temporarily protected due to high-traffic/high-vandalism.
S1e19a Hater and the Watchdogs We've got him! Bone Daddy is in the nest! I repeat: Bone Daddy is in the nest!

This article is temporarily semi-protected for (duration unspecified). The protection will expire on (expiry unspecified).

Translated|language|English version of the page This template is used for pages translated and written in a foreign language.
S1e11b Sylvia asks for a translation guide A translation guide, if you've got one?

This page is translated and/or written in {{{1}}}. Click here for the English version. If the language uses a non-Roman script (Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, etc.), then romanization using a commonly accepted method of transliteration would be appreciated.

Unclear Use when a page is unclear and confusing.
S1e6b Sylvia answers the can phone Ring, ring, ring! I said, "Catch me!"

This article contains information that is unclear and confusing.
Please help Wander Over Yonder Wiki by clearing it up following the Manual of Style.

Unnamed To mark a page that is about a song/episode that is unnamed.
S1e4 Captain Tim's name tag "Captain Tim"? So that's your name...

This episode/song is as of right now unnamed, there will be a name announced soon, adding unofficial titles is highly discouraged.

Unverified If a new episode is created, but the person who created it has been reliable in the past, add this template to prevent it from being treated as fan fiction.
S1e4 Part of the ship I'm just worried maybe somebody's in there and needs...help.

This is an unverified episode. It does not qualify as a fake episode since it has come from a reliable contributor, but it has not yet been verified by outside sources.

Update|[[page]] or event When a new episode premieres and it changes old information, this template can be used to mark that the old information needs to be updated.
S1e8b Beeza straightens her antennae The winds already? This doomsday is moving along quite briskly!

Parts of this page have been identified as no longer being up to date with recently released material. Make sure to include information on The Box in this page.

Useless Information|Username For identifying that an article or a section of a page needs to be changed because the information is useless.
S1e19a Lord Hater 'You Watchdogs are all useless!' You Watchdogs are all useless! I have never encountered – a more pathetic excuse – for an evil army – in all my life!

This article contains useless information and is a run-on.
You can help the site by fixing it and putting better information.

Userpage|Username Goes on user profiles to inform editors that the user does not want anyone to edit their profile.
This page should fall under the wiki's user page policy and should only be edited by List of templates.
Vocabulary Gets placed on a page with words that can be hard to understand for younger viewers.

This article has vocabulary words that young users may not know. Please feel free to add the definitions for such words. {{{1}}}-{{{2}}}-{{{3}}} {{{3}}} invalid date {{{1}}}

War To mark a talk page, forum, or blog that has many arguments.
S1e1a Watchdogs emerge Hate's great! Best villain!

This page is a potential threat to peace on the Wander Over Yonder Wiki because it has been noticed having Shipping wars or similar arguments. This page is likely to be recommended for deletion or special rules unless wars cease. Please make an effort to not have fights on this wiki.

Wikify To mark a page that needs to be formatted using wiki markup.
S1e11b Sylvia briefing about the Klerblatz Ceremony The Klerblatz Ceremony you're witnessing has been unchanged for thousands of years.

This article may need to be wikified to meet Wander Over Yonder Wiki's quality standards. Please help by adding relevant internal links, or by improving the article's layout.

Wording Used to note that the wording of a page needs to be adjusted. See also Grammar above.
S1e2a The Picnic - can't give you popcorn Sor-ry-I-can-not-give-you-an-y-pop-corn-ah! There-is-a-forrrrce-fieeellll-dah!

This page should be reworded to fit proper tenses, punctuation, phrases, and conjunctions.


Template Description Output
Episodes Adds a collapsible box that lists all the episodes.
v - e - dWander Over Yonder
Season 1
"The Greatest" | "The Egg" | "The Picnic" | "The Fugitives" | "The Pet" | "The Good Deed" | "The Prisoner" | "The Bad Guy" | "The Troll" | "The Box" | "The Hat" | "The Little Guy" | "The Ball" | "The Bounty" | "The Hero" | "The Nice Guy" | "The Time Bomb" | "The Birthday Boy" | "The Tourist" | "The Day" | "The Night" | "The Lonely Planet" | "The Brainstorm" | "The Toddler" | "The Fancy Party" | "The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!" | "The Void" | "The Party Animal" | "The Gift 2: The Giftening" | "The Date" | "The Buddies" | "The Liar" | "The Stray" | "The Big Job" | "The Helper" | "The Funk" | "The Enemies" | "The Rider" | "The Gift"
"The First Take" | "The Smile" | "The Killjoy" | "The Theme Song" | "The Bathroom Break" | "The Planetary Conqueror" | "The Sharpshooter" | "The Glitch" | "The Caller" | "The Whatever" | "The Big Finish"
Season 2
"The Greater Hater" | "The Big Day" | "The Breakfast" | "The Fremergency Fronfract" | "The Boy Wander" | "The Wanders" | "The Axe" | "The Loose Screw" | "The It" | "The Cool Guy" | "The Catastrophe" | "The Rager" | "The Good Bad Guy" | "The Battle Royale" | "The Matchmaker" | "The New Toy" | "The Black Cube" | "The Eye on the Skull Ship" | "The Secret Planet" | "The Bad Hatter" | "The Hole...Lotta Nuthin'" | "The Show Stopper" | "The Cartoon" | "The Bot" | "The Family Reunion" | "The Rival" | "My Fair Hatey" | "The Legend" | "The Bad Neighbors" | "The Party Poopers" | "The Waste of Time" | "The Hot Shot" | "The Night Out" | "The Search for Captain Tim" | "The Heebie Jeebies" | "The Sick Day" | "The Sky Guy" | "The Robomechabotatron" | "The Flower" | "The End of the Galaxy"
"The Pilot" | "2012 San Diego Comic-Con trailer" | "2015 San Diego Comic-Con trailer" | "The Hiatus"
Episode galleries Adds a collapsible box that lists the galleries of the episodes.
For|reason|page name without brackets Used for simple disambiguation on a page.
For other uses of the name Wander, see Wander (disambiguation).
Main|page name Provides a quick link to the main article for this subject.
Main article: The Egg
Redirect|page name|[[different page link]] Used to show that the most common use of a name or phrase has been redirected and to list other choices.
Example redirects here. You may be looking for Example, Example, or Example.
Return link|page name|optional second page name Used mainly on Gallery pages, but can be used elsewhere when the optional |page name is used.
Return to "The Little Guy".
Return to "The Ball" or "The Bounty".
Shortcut|link Creates a floating box on the right side that shows what the shortcut is.
Example: POV redirects to Wander Over Yonder Wiki:Point of view, so the shortcut can be designated with:
Songs Adds a collapsible box that lists all the songs.
Succession box Used to show which items came before and after the current item. Refer to the Successionb box template page for details on how to fill this in.
{{{category}}} Next:
Title If it is necessary to override the title of a page, use this. Refer to the Template:Title page for details about this template.
You may|subject of this page|other choice(s) Used when a person arrives on a page with the most common use of a phrase and they might be looking for something else. See Redirect above.
This article is about the "Example". You may be looking for the Example (song).
(A redirect was left in place so that listing the template as Youmay will still work.)
You may 2|subject of this page|name|other choice(s) Used when a person arrives on a page with the most common use of a name and they might be looking for a different person.
This article is about the person. For other uses of the name "Example", see "Example".
(A redirect was left in place so that listing the template as Youmay2 will still work.)


Stubs are very short pages that may be a candidate for updating and expansion.

Template Description Output
Stub General-purpose way of designating an article is a stub.

ActStub Stub articles about actors.

CharStub Stub articles about characters.
GalleryStub Stub galleries.
MusStub Stub articles about music and songs.