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This article is about the song. You may be looking for the episode with a similar name.
"Wander's Helper Theme"
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Wander attempting to open the door for someone.
Song by Fuller Condon
Genre(s): Vaudeville
Length: 0:27
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"Helper" is a song from the episode "The Helper". It is played as Wander constantly tries to help someone, but it turns out they don't need his help.


Whoo, moppin' up floors
Openin' doors
There ain't nothin' that I wouldn't do
To lighten your load
Smooth out the bump in your road
Maybe sort your socks and underwear too

Oh, H-E-L-P-ER
I'm a helper
That means I like to help
(He likes to help!)
Oh, I'm just an accommodatin' fella
Life is hard, you shouldn't have to do it by yourself

Take a limp from your rug
Put my hat in the mud
If that's what I have to do


  • Second song that is from Wander's point of view but he doesn't actually sing it. ("My Best Buddy").
  • This is the first song performed by Fuller Condon without Andy Bean.


ASCAP Work #888240154

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