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Species: Space Demon
Gender: Male
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Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Funk"

"Tormato" is a Space Demon who is awakened by Commander Peepers in "The Funk".

Physical Appearance[]

Tormato appears to be in the shape of a giant skull. The back of his head appears to be red while the rest of his body is light green. He has large yellow eyes bordered by light green eye sockets, two light pink tongues, three nostrils with green tentacles coming out of them, and four green tentacle-like arms.

Powers and abilities[]

Tormato is a powerful being capable of destroying multiple planets all at once with minimal effort. In the episode "The Funk" he demonstrated his ability to skewer three small planets at once. He then demonstrated his ability to breathe fire onto these planets.


After Commander Peepers opened a portal to Tomato's dimension in order to cheer up Lord Hater, he exited the portal and corrected Peepers on the pronunciation of his name. He then skewered three planets with a large pointy stick and lit them on fire with his fire-breathe and them consumed them.



  • Commander Peepers mispronounced his name as "Tormento", which he corrected him for.