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This article is about the Watchdog. You may be looking for the captain.
S1e19a Watchdog with a gift
Tim with a Gift
Species: Watchdog
Gender: Male
Professional Information
  Hater Army
Friends and Family
Lord Hater
Commander Peepers
Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Gift 2: The Giftening"
Voiced by:
Fred Tatasciore in "The Gift 2: The Giftening"
Tom Kenny in The Search for Captain Tim

Tim is a Watchdog first seen in the episode "The Gift 2: The Giftening" as the first happy Watchdog.

He later reappears in "The Gift", which explains how he got the Gift in the first place: he was looking for the conference room, but got lost, and Wander and Sylvia gave him a gift, which made him happy.

Tim returns in "The Search for Captain Tim", where he is frequently mistaken for Captain Tim. Along with Hater, Ripov, Peepers, Wander and Sylvia, Tim is captured by the Arachnomorph Queen, but saved and freed by Captain Tim.

Physical Appearance[]

He looks identical to the other watchdogs.