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The Theme Song
The Theme Song short.png
Who is the universe's lousiest evildoer? This guy!
Season: Shorts
Production code: N/A
Broadcast number: 4
Written by:
Noelle Stevenson[1]
Todd Casey[2]
Storyboards by:
Mark Ackland[3]
Ben Balistreri[3]
Directed by:
Dave Thomas[3]
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
July 23, 2015
International Debut:
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"The Theme Song" is the fourth short in the Wander Over Yonder shorts. In this short, Wander and Hater have a sweet jam session.

Plot Overview

In the fourth take of his address to the galaxy, Lord Hater gets irritated due to Wander singing while he is stating his address. Hater presses the button on the podium angrily lowering Wander while he is singing. Hater tells him to stop it. Wander then tells him that he is singing his theme song however Hater said that he is making it sound stupid. Wander asks Hater to show everyone how to sing it correctly. After the static cut, Hater is attempting to tune his electric guitar and starts singing, after some of failing tries, Wander suggests about how to tune it but Hater blames his guitar and throws it through the camera.


For a full transcript of The Theme Song, click here.


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