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The Smile
The Smile.PNG
Wander cannot take his ultimate doom seriously.
Season: Shorts
Production code: N/A
Broadcast number: 2
Written by:
Noelle Stevenson
Todd Casey
Storyboards by:
Mark Ackland[1]
Ben Balistreri[1]
Directed by:
Dave Thomas[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
July 21, 2015
International Debut:
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"The Smile" is the second short in the Wander Over Yonder shorts. In this short, Wander's face annoys Hater.

Plot Overview

In the second take of his address to the galaxy, Lord Hater instructs Wander not to talk. His address goes off without a hitch, until he notices Wander's goofy smile. He tells him to shake in fear, but Wander keeps doing goofy faces until Hater tells him he will have to pull the broadcast, which makes Wander shake in fear. Unfortunately, soon after, he goes back to his ridiculous smile and this causes Lord Hater to cut off the transmission.


For a full transcript of The Smile, click here.


  • Wander does not speak in this short, as Hater told him not to talk.
  • One of the faces Wander makes resembles Jack McBrayer's (the voice of Wander) face.
  • One of the other faces Wander makes after listening to Lord Hater's instructions resembles one of his original designs.
  • Sixth time Hater proclaims himself as "Number One Superstar!" ("The Greatest," "The Picnic," "The Prisoner," "The Buddies," "The First Take")
  • Hater once again claims he is the "Greatest in the Galaxy!" ("The Greatest," "The Funk," "The First Take")
  • Second time a prototype version of Wander is seen. ("The Void")

International Premieres

  • January 9, 2016 (Disney Channel Israel)



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"The First Take"
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