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"The Rival"
Season: 2
Production code: 214b
Broadcast number: 65
Story by:
Crack McCracken
Francisco Angones
Amy Higgins
Todd Casey
ND Stevenson
Written by:
ND Stevenson
Storyboards by:
Riccardo Durante
Directed by:
Eddie Trigueros
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
February 22, 2016
International Debut:
August 9, 2016 (Disney XD UK and Ireland)
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Paired with
"The Family Reunion"

"Okay... There's Dominator's ship... What do I say to her? "Hey Baby, Are you ten-thousand tons of molten lava, cause you're meltin' my heart!" Oh yeah, that's good. Okay, Hater, you got this; You're totally cool and awesome. You're awesome, you're awesome, you're... AWESOME!!?"
— Lord Hater

When Emperor Awesome shows up on Dominator's ship, Peepers and Hater must figure out if the two are joining forces, dating, or both.[1]

Episode Summary[]

Hater is silently stalking Dominator with his ship and comes up with a pick-up line for her but discovers to his shock that Emperor Awesome space Limo is parked right next to her ship. He informs this situation to Peepers who was equally shocked. Peepers offered an explanation that it could be someone-else's Limo but that was shot down when Awesome shows himself and asked Dominator if he could come in, and to Hater and Peeper's surprise, she lets him in.

Hater throws himself in depression and Peepers grows worried as they both thought different reasons of the two villains joining forces. Peepers believed that Awesome plan to rule the galaxy together while Hater assumes that they're dating. Despite the difference, the two decide to spy on them to find out what they are planning. Their first attempt involves using the ship's telescope which after Hater's bad attempt at lip reading discover that Awesome pulling dance moves at her. However, she was annoyed and proceeds to throw him off her ship. Hater mistook her actions for taking Awesome for a makeout session but Peepers suggested that they need more information and they should send a spy inside her heavily armed fortress ship.

Jerry, a Watchdog was selected for this mission but was too scared to go after getting the debriefing from Hater and Peepers ordering him to enter Dominator's Ship filled with two powerful conquerors and their armies. They immediately sent Jerry aboard the ship with a camera taped onto him, where they can watch what he sees. Jerry, despite being cautious was discovered by Dominator's bots and panically hid inside a cleaning closet. Fortunately, Awesome and Dominator were close by were he was able to spy on their conversation about a secret weapon he's offering which gotten Dominator interested. Hater and Peepers tries to listen to more of their conversation but because of Jerry's cowardly whimperings they couldn't and Jerry's tears ended up shorting out the camera. With their spy out of commission, the two decide to infiltrate the ship themselves to see this secret weapon.

On board Dominator's ship, a troop of Fist Fighters are marching on patrol and trailing behind them are Peepers and Hater disguised as a large Fist Fighter. They soon discover a tarp covered object protected by Fist Fighters and believed that it is the secret weapon Awesome mentioned. They manage to swipe the weapon from them before being chased across the ship by Awesome's and Dominator's troops where they eventually end up delivering the weapon unintentionally to Dominator. A Fist Fighter pushes them away and declares that this weapon of Emperor Awesome will not only conquer the galaxy, but also her heart, showing Hater and Peepers that they were both right. However the weapon was uncovered revealing to be just Emperor Awesome striking a pose while trying to impress her, leaving Dominator in disbelief. Peepers was relieved that they were not teaming up to conquer the universe together, but Hater was in tears believing that Awesome has stolen his chance at winning Dominator's heart. Peeper's reassures him that that is not the case as they witness Dominator encasing Awesome in a magma shell while insulting him for not only wasting her time, but also believing that he could climb to the top with her help, and mentions that even Hater is not as delusional as Awesome, as Hater becomes overjoyed at Dominator knowing his name. She then angrily kicks Awesome off her ship as well as ordering her bots to attack his minions. Hater began dancing in joy at Dominator hating Awesome, and nearly gets blasted by Dominator before escaping to his ship with Peepers. While he was still dancing, Peepers warns him that Dominator is cold and heartless, and seriously doubts that she is interested in looking for romance but Hater dismissed his comment saying she's not that evil.

Back at Dominator's ship, a laser was heard charging and it blasts away Emperor Awesome's Limo where his custom license plate smashes into the TV screen and burns away to nothing while Dominator's laughs evilly.


For a full transcript of The Rival, click here.

End Credits[]

Jerry, still hiding in the closet, is discovered by Lord Dominator. Jerry runs away in a panic, only to crash into another wall. Dominator walks away saying "What is with these guys?"


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Memorable Quotes[]

Lord Hater: I've mapped out her whole ship with a super scientific algorithm based on what I've seen of it so far. Here's her inner sanctum, here's the war room, the arsenal, the smooching room, bedroom, this part is mostly shoes and purses and stuff. The back-up smooching room.

Peepers: Sir, I seriously doubt an evil villain has a smooching room, let alone two.

Lord Hater: We've got six.
Lord Dominator: (As she coats Emperor Awesome's body in lava) You know, when you showed up, I was like, "Yeah right, like I'm letting that scrub on my ship." But it was a slow day, no big planets to dominate, nothing but re-runs on, so I figured, "Maybe he does have some kind of secret super weapon. At least it would be... entertaining. But you know what? I never guessed what a pathetic waste of time you'd be! You really think I'd let you ride my coattails for the top?! HA! Get real, buster! Not even that idiot, Hater is as delusional as you!


Commander Peepers: She called you an idiot.



  • This is the fifth episode where Wander and Sylvia are absent. ("The Axe", "The Good Bad Guy", "The New Toy", "The Eye on the Skullship")
  • Second time Awesome flexes his butt while Hater watches. (The Picnic)
  • Dominator says "scrub", which is a slightly adult word.
  • At the end of the episode, after Dominator blew up Awesome's ship, his license plate flew towards the camera and smashes the screen. Thus, the fourth wall is broken.

Production Information[]

Background Information[]




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