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Westley, the smallest and youngest member of Lord Hater's Watchdog army, accidentally gets left behind during a search for Wander and Sylvia, and winds up meeting them as well. Westley has Wander and Sylvia be his prisoners so he can return to Lord Hater, but spending time with them eventually causes a big change in heart.

The Watchdogs' Wake Up Call

Watchdog Meeting

Going to posts / Westley's separation

Wander and Sylvia's Chase Scene

Meeting Westley

Choosing a Path

Through the cave

Westley's Good/Bad Montage

The Mountain

Westley's Soup Moment

Lord Hater Arrives / Westley's Betrayal

Medal of Evil

Security Camera

Westley's "Memorial"

Westley Reformed / "Wander Over Yonder End Title Theme"

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