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The Hot Shot
Season: 2
Production code: 218a
Broadcast number: 71
Story by:
Craig McCracken
Todd Casey
Francisco Angones
Amy Higgins
ND Stevenson
Written by:
Amy Higgins
Francisco Angones
Craig McCracken
Storyboards by:
Dave Thomas
Directed by:
Dave Thomas
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
May 30, 2016
International Debut:
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Paired with
The Night Out

When a mysterious new rebel begins fighting Dominator's forces, Sylvia becomes jealous.

Episode Summary[]

On Bingleborp, King Bingleborp is hosting another Bingleberry festival, when a Dominator-Bot suddenly attacks the planet. Wander and Sylvia watch as the bot wreaks havoc on the planet. Then, a mysterious cyclist donning an attire closely resembling Wander's arrives and quickly defeats the Dominator-Bot, after which he is rewarded with money and a kiss from the king's daughter, the princess. Sylvia, upset that the mysterious hero saved the town rather than her and Wander, decides to follow him around.

Later, on Flendar, Wander spots another Dom-Bot destroying a temple. Sylvia rushes to try and take down the bot, but before she can do anything, the mysterious hero from the previous bot encounter vanquishes the bot, and is again rewarded with money and a kiss from a princess. Denying Wander's claims of jealousy, Sylvia suspects that the man may be a fraud.

After a montage of the hero saving more planets from Dom-bots, Sylvia orchestras a plan to save the next planet form an attack before the hot shot arrives. When he does appear, Sylvia races to reach the bot first. With help from a distraction by Wander, Sylvia begins her attack on the bot, only to learn that it is being controlled by a boy named Chad. It is then revealed that the hot shot rider is actually Brad Starlight, and that he is faking saving towns from Dom-bot attacks in order to receive rewards and kisses from princesses. He said that this should be his thunder, and Wander and Sylvia weren’t going to take it from him. However, when Brad speeds off to stage another attack, a real Dom-bot launches an attack on the planet.

Brad tries to fight it, but is swiftly defeated. After realizing it was a real Dom-bot, Brad begged for help. Wander and Sylvia quickly destroy the bot, after which they are applauded by the town. When Brad takes all of the glory, Sylvia points him to a leech-like princess, who forcefully kisses him.


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End Credits[]

Sometime after the events of the episode, Brad has apparently married the leech lady. She gives him a wedding anniversary present, after which they kiss, much to the disgust of their children.


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Memorable Quotes[]

King Bingleborp: I, King Bingleborp of the Binglebops, declare this to be the best Bingleberry festival... assuming no horrible galactic dictators show up to destroy it again... in the history of Binglebopolopolis!
(the Binglebops cheer seconds before a Dominator-Bot crashes into the planet in the same manner as Lord Hater's ship in "The Greatest")
King Bingleborp: SERIOUSLY?! All right, everyone! You know the drill!
Sylvia: What a show-off!
Wander: What an inspiration!
Both: Wait, what?
Sylvia: Inspiration? Wander, the only thing that guy was inspired by was us! I mean, green hat? Orange fuzz? But where's the flad-drassin' hardance and seri?!
Sylvia: Did you see what he just did?
Wander: He saved the town from that giant Dom-bot!
Sylvia: No, he shoved us out of the way of that giant Dom-bot so he could get the glory.
Wander: Ah, methinks I spy a green-eyed monster.
Sylvia: Where?! I'll take him out before that hot shot does!
Wander: Sylvia, are you jealous?
Sylvia: Of him? Ho! Please. There is something phony about his baloney and I am gonna prove it!
Wander: Sylvia, I'm the strong and silent type. (beat) Pretend I'm not talking right now.
Brad: Yeah, yeah, I know. "Gasp! Brad Starlight?! You?! But why?" Because I am strong, I am a man, I have a big chin! I am the hero! Me, me, me! This should be my thunder, and you and your dumb steed aren't going to take it from me!
Wander: Brad, there's plenty of thunder! Maybe there's a way you can still help us stop Dominator!
Brad: Stop Dominator? (chuckles) Simple gesture. I can't very well help planets and smooch princesses if I'm dead, can I?
Sylvia: (scoffs) But you're not actually helping!
Brad: Ah-ah-ah! Hush, girl. It never hurts to help... yourself!
Sylvia: Oh, no. That's a real Dom-bot!
Chad: Wait, what? Um, oh! Uh, I forgot. I have, like, a thing... s...somewhere where there's not a real killer robot. Later!

Background Information[]



  • The beginning of this episode is the same as the one from The Greatest, however it is a Dominator bot that crashes the planet.


  • This episode's plot is similar to Craig McCracken's other show The Powerpuff Girls episode "Major Competition", since both are about a new superhero who hogs all the glory and turns out to be a huge fake.

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"The Waste of Time"
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