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The Helpin' Hands
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Released: March 17, 2014
Genre(s): Simulation

The Helpin' Hands is an online game on the Wander Over Yonder websites and is also for the iOS family.


The goal is to help Wander and Sylvia help out the citizens with various good deeds, all while stopping the Watchdogs, who will try to hinder Wander.

In each level, Wander must do one good deed three times to each of the citizens in need, varying by level. As Wander is performing a deed, a bar will appear, the bar must be filled in order for the deed to be finished. Every time the player clicks away from the deed, Wander will stop performing it. As the game progresses, there will be more good deeds to perform.

Watchdogs will be spread out at random points, and will chase Wander if he walks up to them. If the player calls Sylvia, she'll take down all the Watchdogs onscreen, temporally making them fainted. Be careful though, as Sylvia can only be called three times a level. Collecting a Jellyfish Pie will grant the player an extra Sylvia call.

Every time Wander is attacked by a Watchdog, he'll lose some health. Regain Wander's health supply by picking up hearts left behind after performing a good deed. If Wander loses all his health, the game is over.


When the player clicks on the screen or hold the mouse down, Wander will walk there. The player can also use the arrow keys to control Wander's movement. Click on one of Sylvia's portraits or press the space bar to call her and take down the Watchdogs.

On the iOS versions, tap anywhere on the screen to move Wander. Tap one of Sylvia's portraits to call her.

Good deeds performed[]

  • Walk over to a patch of flowers to water them and make them bloom (throughout the game).
  • Walk over to a fainted rabbit to feed it (throughout the game).
  • Walk to a pig to blow an orbble around it, then take it to the mud puddle to drop them off there. More than one pig can follow behind (level 2 onward).
  • Walk to a rock baby to pick it up, then take it over to its mother. Watch out though, the rock will slow the player down a bit. Also, Wander can only carry one rock at a time (level 3 onward)
  • Sylvia will be sitting on an egg, warming it up. As it warms up, it will turn pink and hearts will appear on the shell. Every time Sylvia is called, the rock's pink will slowly fade, so be careful (level 4).


  • The elements in this game were used from "The Good Deed," "The Fugitives," and "The Egg."
  • The game released on the same day as the current Disney Channel site for the show redirected to the Disney XD site.
  • Lord Hater and Peepers physically do not appear in this game but they appear in the title cards.
  • Since the closure of Disney LOL, this game is still playable on third-party sites like NuMuKi.

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