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The Heebie Jeebies
Season: 2
Production code: 219b
Broadcast number: 74
Story by:
Craig McCracken
Francisco Agones
Todd Casey
Amy Higgins
ND Stevenson
Written by:
Todd Casey
Storyboards by:
Mark Ackland
Directed by:
Dave Thomas
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
June 6, 2016
International Debut:
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Paired with
The Search for Captain Tim
Only once you master me will you defeat your enemy.

Wander and Sylvia search a creepy forest planet for a mystical power, but find something far more terrifying.

Episode Summary[]


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End Credits[]

A clip of the Phantom Mimes is shown as the gramophone-type music is heard.


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Memorable Quotes[]

Sylvia: “Uh, is this where you would leave me hanging and charge into some horrible danger you’re somehow obvious too…or not? Wander, you’re not scared?” Wander: “What?! No, of course not! Everyday is an adventure and everything is amazing, right? I just got a bad feeling about this Sylvia. This place gives me…”

Wander: “Your right, Syl. This ain’t so bad. (Screams) Sylvia, we’re already lost!”

Sylvia: “Wander, just relax. Try taking some deep breaths.”

Sylvia: “Wander, I..I dunno what’s gotten into you, but you’re seeing stuff that’s just not…”

Wander: “There!”

Sylvia: “Ok, look…”

Wander: “Behind you!”

Wander: “Mime! Phantom! Phantomime! Oh no, I’ve named them, thus giving them power!”

Wander: “Old dusty scrolls in which curses are written. Becoming a zombie right after you’re bitten. Dancing ghost mimes that bounce just like springs. The dry mouth and shivers that true terror brings. OH, GROP! WHAT ARE ALL THESE TERRIBLE THINGS?!

Background Information[]



  • Wander previously mentioned he sings songs to cheer himself up in "The Box".
  • Sylvia realizing Wander was right about the forest was an inverse from "The Egg" when Wander realizes Sylvia was right about the doom dragon attacking them.


  • The Phantom Mimes are possibly a reference to Creepypasta's Slenderman.
  • The Phantom Mimes could also possibly be a reference to one of the Makaras from Homestuck.
  • The Phantom Mime's dance was partially inspired by the Skeleton Dance from Disney's Silly Symphonies.
  • The song Wander sings to try to calm himself down is a parody of "My Favorite Things" from the popular Tony/Oscar winning musical/movie "The Sound of Music."
  • Wander's "dream in a dream in a dream" is a reference to Inception.

Production Information[]

International Premieres[]

December 25th, 2016. (Japan)


Background Information[]



"The Search for Captain Tim"
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