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"The Date"
S1e18a Sylvia sheepish smile
Sylvia (in the guise of Linguini Von Breadstick) dating Lord Hater.
Season: 1
Production code: 118a
Broadcast number: 30
Story by:
Lauren Faust
Ben Joseph
Craig McCracken
Johanna Stein
Dave Thomas
Written by:
Francisco Angones
Amy Higgins
Storyboards by:
Riccardo Durante
Directed by:
Eddie Trigueros
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
January 9, 2015
Disney XD US Premiere:
October 17, 2014
International Debut:
October 2014 (Spain)
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Paired with
"The Buddies"
The fate of the planet depends on your sparkling dinner conversation. All you have to do is make him feel good and confident.

— Wander

In an attempt to stop Lord Hater from destroying a planet due to his date not showing up, Wander has Sylvia pretend to be a date for him. Assuming the role of "Linguini Von Breadstick", Sylvia struggles hard to enjoy a romantic dinner and other romantic events to keep Lord Hater impressed.

Episode Summary[]

Wander and Sylvia are at a fancy restaurant, Chez Shmancy, on the heart-shaped planet Lamouria, when they suddenly see Lord Hater sitting alone at a table for two across the room, though Hater denies to the waiter that his date (the daughter of the king of the planet) stood him up. Wander, naturally, feels sympathy for Hater, but Sylvia thinks it is no big deal and not like it is the end of the world. As if right on cue, Hater contacts Peepers to set a missile to blow up the planet they are on. Wander suggests they look for a replacement date, and suggests Sylvia do it herself.

Hater sees Sylvia poorly disguised wearing the end of a mop for a wig, and a towel for a dress. Sylvia acts as if she was stood up as well. Hater tells Peepers to hold the countdown for the missile. Wander tells Sylvia she has to make Hater feel good and confident. After spraying his worst-smelling deodorant, Hater struts over to the table where the disguised Sylvia is seated. Hater introduces himself, even though he is well-known throughout the galaxy. Sylvia gives her name as "Linguini von Breadstick" (or "Lin" for short) after seeing waiters carry those plates. It then seems as if Hater sees through Sylvia's disguise, but he does not. Wander hides under the table playing footsie with Hater. Hater kicks Wander into the kitchen, where he emerges disguised as a garçon. He gives Sylvia the "special menu", which has a piece of paper on it with "Nice things to say about Lord Hater" on it. She uses this to complement Lord Hater on his lightning bolts, and Wander leaves to take care of the other customers.

Through a VCR-style fast-forwarding montage, it is shown that Lord Hater does all the talking throughout the date, and takes a long time to laugh after the punchline of a bad joke. At one point, he complains to the "waiter" about a pea touching his mashed potatoes. When they are handed the bill, Hater whistles expecting "Lin" to pay for it. Sylvia is at first relieved dinner is over, but Hater says the date is not over yet.

Hater takes "Lin" to a carnival, with Wander assuming the role of a carnival barker. Hater has a great time, but Sylvia does not enjoy herself. Hater disintegrates a milk bottle toss game, and goes on a Ferris wheel with his prize doll, leaving Sylvia to watch. Hater gets off the Ferris wheel dizzy and throws up, since it goes very fast. On the bumper cars, Hater constantly bumps Sylvia, who refuses to move her car. Hater then surprises Sylvia with a view from Exclamation Point, but forces Sylvia to drive the chariot to the top. Hater claims the date was "A Night To Remember", but Sylvia would rather forget it.

Hater finds himself infatuated with "Lin", calling her "the most easily impressed". Hater attempts to kiss her, but Sylvia pushes him away. Sylvia then sees Hater crying. Hater is upset because no girls have ever liked him. Sylvia, for once, feels sorry for him and kisses his forehead, much to her disgust. Hater is now happy to the point of deciding not to destroy the planet. Sylvia is about to leave, but then Hater gets down on one knee and pops the question to her.

One fade-in later, we see Sylvia about to walk down the aisle of her wedding to Lord Hater on his ship. Commander Peepers acts as the minister. Just as Peepers asks if there are any objections, Wander comes in posing as a Southern belle. Wander says "she" is Hater's number one fan and always loved him. Wander says he is getting Sylvia out of the marriage. Sylvia points out that now he will be spending a lifetime as Hater's wife, which, Wander admits, was poor planning on his part. Hater then decides to see other women and kicks the "ladies" out.

On the ship, Hater celebrates his new life as a bachelor. Hater tells Peepers the women have to be better than the ones he met. Peepers then reveals he was never fooled and knew all the time the "ladies" were Wander and Sylvia wearing dresses, which horrifies Hater.


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End Credits[]

Resuming from where the final scene left off, Hater does a photo comparison between Sylvia and her Linguini von Breadstick disguise. Still, he can't tell the difference.


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Sylvia: It's just dinner...

Lord Hater: There's a pea...touching my potato. (Slams all of his food off of table.) DO IT AGAIN!!

Sylvia: It's just dinner and a carnival...

Lord Hater (while proposing to Sylvia as "Linguini Von Breadstick"): Lin, say yes. The thought of even spending one second without you...makes me want to... BLOW UP ALL THE PLANETS IN THIS UNIVERSE!!!

Sylvia: It's just dinner, a carnival, and a lifetime of misery...
Sylvia: I better have been the six or I'll go back there and deck him.
Lord Hater: Peepers, set a course for ladies. Whoever we find has gotta be better than those two.

Peepers: You mean Sylvia and Wander in dresses?
Lord Hater: WHAT?!??!? Wander and Sylvia? NO. (He hangs a picture of Sylvia disguised as Linguini Von Breadstick on a wall) It can't be! Hmmm... (He hangs a picture of Sylvia without a disguise next to the previous one and does a side-by-side comparison) I don't see it.

(Peepers groans.)

Background Information[]

  • Running gags:
    • ​Sylvia's talking to herself about what is happening.
  • List of things on Sylvia's "Nice things to say about Lord Hater" list:
    • Scintillating Storyteller
    • Prominent Lightning Bolts
    • Slumped Shoulders = GREAT CUDDLER
    • Punctual
  • The restaurant at the beginning of the episode is Chez Schmancy, according to the menu.
  • Lord Hater mimes playing the electric guitar like a virtuoso; however, one of the Watchdogs is actually playing for him.
  • Wander poses as a waiter and carnival barker which, in real life, is not allowed.


  • This is the first time Sylvia kisses Lord Hater, though it was only on the head and she was reluctant to do it and disgusted by it.
  • Despite Wander and Sylvia's efforts to save the planet from being destroyed by Lord Hater, the planet was later destroyed by Lord Dominator in "My Fair Hatey" durning the song "I'm the Bad Guy."
  • When Hater cries, his eye sockets are shaped like Dominator's mascara.


  • In "The Enemies," Brad Starlight would later mock Hater for dating Sylvia, and how he would've gotten married to her.
  • Later, the heart shaped planet would be destroyed by Dominator. ("My Fair Hatey")


  • During the fast forward sequences, something can be seen on the far right side of the screen during the first two, possibly another patron, but it goes away in the middle of the second. However during the longer shots, the seat behind Hater's is empty.
  • In addition, a rhinoceros can be seen in the empty seat next to the table Sylvia and Hater sit at, but when Hater almost recognizes Sylvia, the seat is empty. It's possible the patron left.
  • While Hater is circling Sylvia after she kisses him, her right hand is superimposed over his body.
  • During long shots of the Ferris wheel, the platform on the ground is positioned diagonally, when it should be facing sideways.
  • When Hater points out to Wander that a pea is touching his mashed potatoes, there are clearly no peas touching them on the plate. In addition, the peas were touching the potatoes earlier when the meal was given out, and the potatoes were suddenly pushed aside when Hater presses his hand against them. Also when Wander gives out the meal again, the peas were clearly touching the potatoes.
  • Hater zaps the bottles causing them to be scorched to ashes, but the way he was zapping them, the podium they were on and the back of the tent would've been scorched, too.
  • When Sylvia is saying "It's just dinner and a carnival and a lifetime of misery.", for a split second, her mouth isn't colored.


  • Richard Wagner's Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin ("Here Comes the Bride" or "Wedding March") - Lord Hater pretends to play this famous wedding song while Sylvia is walking down the aisle.
  • Despicable Me - When Hater forces Sylvia to go to the carnival with him, Wander dresses up as a Carny. This references to when Jack McBrayer, Wander's actor, played a carny in Despicable Me. Hater also blasts the game the same way Gru does in the movie.
  • Gravity Falls - When Lord Hater plays hit the bottles, the ball hits the wall and accidentally hits Sylvia in the eye. This is a reference to Gravity Falls, when Dipper and Wendy had the same experience.
  • Grease - Wander dresses up as a T-Bird à la Danny Zuko, the main character of the movie, during the mountainside scene.
  • The Who - After Lord Hater finishes playing, he smashes his guitar which is a slight reference to Peter Townshend of The Who destroying his guitar at the end of every set.
  • The Bee Gees - The background music played when Lord Hater sprays himself and struts toward Sylvia is identical in tune to the Bee Gees' hit, "Stayin' Alive".
  • Lemuria - The name of the heart-shaped planet where the date takes place is "Lamouria," a portmanteau of "Lemuria," a mythical continent and a common setting in fantasy literature, and the French word for "(the) love," l'amour.

Production Information[]

  • In the original idea for the episode, there was a running gag where Wander was constantly being distracted by helping others (inadvertently becoming the best waiter in Chez Schmancy and helping his "date" overcome self-esteem issues), but it was cut to save time.[1]

International premieres[]

  • October 2014 (Disney Channel Spain)


"The Gift 2: The Giftening"
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