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Season: 2
Production code: 213a
Broadcast number: 62
Story by:
Written by:
Ben Joseph
Storyboards by:
Ben Balistreri
Directed by:
Benjamin Balistreri
Dave Thomas
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
Febuary 8, 2016
International Debut:
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"The Bot"
I ordered the Watchdogs to make a propaganda film using the most sophisticated and respected art form in the universe.

— Lord Hater

Lord Hater orders the Watchdogs to make an action cartoon about him in an attempt to impress Dominator. [1]

Episode Summary

Open to LORD HATER The Greatest in the Galaxy theme song. In the real world, Hater tells Peepers that this is a brilliant idea to remind the galaxy how strong he is, so he ordered the Watchdogs to make a propaganda cartoon. Peepers asks if this is to impress Dominator, but Hater denies it (unless she sees it and sees how awesome and kissable he is).

On the screen, Hater announces that today, he will be the greatest in the galaxy (Real world Hater compliments the Watchdogs for casting). He talks about a magical staff that will give him more power. He calls on Cartoon Peepers (Real world Peepers yells about being portrayed as a complete idiot), who immediately trips and falls. Both Peepers say that this plan will never work.

Hater and Peepers look over to Viper Mountain, when Cartoon Emperor Awesome appears, with more muscular Fist Fighters. The muscular cartoon Watchdogs take down Awesome's Fist Fighters. Hater and Awesome clash, however, the fight isn't on camera (they blew all their animation budget on the Watchdog fight).

Cartoon Hater appears on the mountain holding the staff. However, (much to real Hater's discomfort) Cartoon Wander and Cartoon Sylvia (who looks more like a real horse) appear, though seeming dumber than Real world Wander and Sylvia. (Hater gives the Watchdog a noogie, saying they nailed and he wasn't gonna destroy them) Hater shoots at Wander with the staff, but he dodges every shot. Wander takes out his banjo and uses it to "supercharge" Sylvia, who takes down Peepers. The Watchdogs tackle Sylvia, and she calls for help. Wander "supercharges" himself with his banjo, calling himself the Wandinator (Real World Hater decides that they made Wander stronger to make him seem more impressive. The two clash in a seemingly endless battle, because the cartoon was fifteen seconds short.

Hater wins the standoff, and knocks Wander back to how he was before. Hater threatens to destroy Wander, until Wander tells him that he just wanted to be his friend. Hater is touched, and admits that he uses aggression to mask his insecurities. Real world Hater panics while Cartoon Hater and Wander run through a field of flowers. Real Peepers laughs uncontrollably. Real world Hater yells that Wander stopping him at the eleventh hour by being his friend isn't true to life, but the Watchdogs remind him that happens every day.

Hater says to burn it, only to find that it's airing as they speak. Hater quickly scribbles on a piece of paper to make a new ending, yelling that animation is so hard, and people who do it deserve credit and respect (looking at the audience). Cartoon Wander and Hater end the day with a hug, and Real Wander and Sylvia tells him that it's not so bad. Hater drags Wander off to change the ending. In the cartoon, Hater reveals that it was all a trick, and the scene is replaced with real Hater with Wander on a rack, the former hold a broom. Wander is glad to be on TV. Before Hater can destroy Wander, some fans come and crowd him.

On Dominator's ship, she finds Hater's cartoon to be lame, and switches to a parody of Scooby Doo and Gravity Falls, which she enjoys much more. In the cartoon, Wander fails to present the moral, as Sylvia shoots down all of his ideas.


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End Credits

A parody of the He-Man meme "Fabulous Secret Powers" featuring the cartoon versions of Hater and Wander dancing.


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Memorable Quotes

Hater: (yells) Animation is so hard!! (to the camera) People who do this for a living deserve more credit and respect!!!
Announcer: It's The Mystery Kids Mysteries. This week the gang solves the case of...Mavis' haunted sweatshirt.

Mavis: Crikeys!
Skipper: Ehh..
Old Man: Grrr... driving... mysteries...

Soosy Du: Ruff, ruff. I'm a dog, dudes!

Production Information


  • Hater breaks the fourth wall when he talks about animators.
  • When Lord Dominator watches The Mystery Kids Mysteries, the characters in this cartoon Iook like the main characters (except Wendy and Ford) from Gravity Falls.
  • The plot for this episode is very similar to that of Kirby Right Back at Ya!'s Cartoon Buffoon episode, in which the main antagonist creates a low-budget cartoon that they are the star of.


Background Information


List of allusions

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and Filmation - The entire cartoon throughout the episode is a parody of 1983 animated TV series as well as the animation studio known for its limited animation.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 - This episode is presented similarly to this popular low-budget TV series in which a comedian and his robot friends heckle over B-movies.
  • Scooby-Doo, Where are You?, The Jetsons, and The Flintsones - The cartoon that Dominator switches to has an opening title sequence that parodies this cartoon. The Mystery Ship is modeled after the Mystery Machine, the art style is similar to The Jetsons, and the character designs are modeled after the Great Gazoo.
  • Gravity Falls - The characters in the cartoon that Dominator watches are modeled after Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, and Soos. The Mystery Ship also has its "S" slightly off just like the Mystery Shack. Jason Ritter, Kristen Schaal, and Alex Hirsch all voice their respective parody counterparts. The music also sounds similar to the Gravity Falls theme.
  • Brony Con - When it shows the aliens watching the cartoon one shot shows aliens at Boney Con which is a reference to Brony Con, a convention where fans of My Little Pony go once a year. The term was created around the time of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, developed by Craig McCracken's wife, Lauren Faust.
  • BraveStarr - When Sylvia morphs to a muscular form, she resembles BraveStarr's deputy, Thirty/Thirty.
  • Animaniacs - Dominator saying "that's a cartoon" sounds very simalar to Slappy the Squirrel's "now that's comedy."
  • Mister Ed - When Sylvia starts to look like a horse, she talks and her mouth moves the same way as Mister Ed's.


  • When Lord Hater orders the watchdogs to attack Emperor Awesome, he has Emperor Awesome's arms.
  • When Lord Hater explains about him being evil, his arm disappears for two seconds.
  • In one scene, Cartoon Wander's mouth detaches from his face.
  • When the Cartoon Watchdogs are attacking Cartoon Sylvia (in muscular form), she appears to be normal when she called Wander for help.
    • These "errors", however, were probably done intentionally.



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