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The Bot
S2e13b Wander "Isn't just a bunch of ingredients"
Wander talks with Beep Boop.
Season: 2
Production code: 213b
Broadcast number: 63
Written by:
ND Stevenson
Directed by:
Dave Thomas
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
February 8, 2016[1]
International Debut:
August 8, 2016 (Disney XD UK and Ireland)
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Paired with
"The Cartoon"
A Dominator probe?! Still, the poor guy sure looks like he needs some help!

— Wander

Wander adopts a damaged Dominator bot, whom he names Beep Boop, as his new travel buddy after it crashes on a vacation planet.

Episode Summary[]

Lord Dominator assembles her Dominator Probes on her ship, explaining that her army is running low on Volcanium X, a substance used to repair damaged parts of her ship. She asks a probe to come forward to show her the planet he found but finds it useless. Bot 13 shows her some planets that contain large reserves of Volcanium X, which earns him praise from Dominator and scorn from the other probe, who is sent out of the ship, burning up on its decent.

Probe 13 goes out in search of more planets, soon after finding one with tons of Volcanium X in it. However, as the bot proceeds to the planet, it crashes into Wander's kite, getting severely damaged upon landing. Wander, feeling bad for it, names the probe Beep Boop and go for a walk. Beep Boop scans the area for Volcanium X and spots a guy running a game in which one guesses which cup an object is hidden under. Wander takes the bot to play the game, only to learn that the guy hid the Volcanium is his shirt. Wander then buys Beep Boop some ice cream whilst teaching him about the true meaning of ice cream.

Determined to continue his quest, Beep Boop spots several more items made of Volcanium X, but is yet again interrupted by Wander, saying that they should ride on everything. After this, Beep Boop is given some pictures that Wander had taken of them, as well as a necklace, which, unbeknownst to Wander, contains Volcanium X. Sylvia, who was taking a nap earlier, sees Wander with Beep Boop and quickly separates the two. Beep Boop then repairs himself and proceeds to fly away. Despite Sylvia telling him about Beep Boop's loyalty to Dominator and that she will likely destroy the planet, Wander refuses to leave, knowing that Beep Boop may have a change of heart.

Back on Dominator's ship, Beep Boop shows the overlord the planet that she was on, much to her delight. However, when asked to show her the coordinates, Beep Boop remembers the time he spent with Wander and deletes the data, calling himself Beep Boop. Angered and upset, Dominator kicks the now-reformed probe off the ship. During his final moments, he pulls out the pictures he was given and said, "I am Beep Boop" one last time before burning up completely.

Meanwhile, Wander is worried the probe has not yet arrived; Sylvia realizes that Dominator has not arrived to destroy the planet, understanding that Wander has indeed reformed Beep Boop. Wander watches a shooting star -- really Beep Boop falling out of the sky -- and wishes Beep Boop good luck, unaware of his death. The final scene is Beep Boop's half of the photo booth pictures they took floating somewhere in space.


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End Credits[]

Waves wash away the sand drawing of Wander and Beep Boop that the latter made earlier in the episode.


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Memorable Quotes[]

Sylvia: Get a grip, buddy, that's an evil robot!

Wander: He's not evil, he's my pal, and he'll be back - I know it!
Sylvia: Yeah, back to destroy this planet! We need to warn people to get outta here before Dominator shows up!
Wander: I'm not leaving without Beep Boop!

Sylvia: (annoyed) Wander...

Beep Boop: I am Beep Boop.


  • This is the first time a character dies on the show, not counting Peepers' plan in "The Brainstorm", or Entozoa in "The Fancy Party".
  • This is also the first episode to feature Dominator without Lord Hater and Peepers.
  • The camera tourists reappear as Beep-Boop is scanning for Volcanium X ("The Secret Planet").
  • This shows us that Dominator use her spy bots to find a planet and collect volcanium x.

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"The Cartoon"
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