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"The Big Finish"
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Hate's great! Best villain! Too bad no one will ever know.
Season: Shorts
Production code: N/A
Broadcast number: 11
Written by:
Noelle Stevenson
Todd Casey
Storyboards by:
Mark Ackland[1]
Ben Balistreri[1]
Directed by:
Dave Thomas[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
August 3, 2015
International Debut:
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"The Big Finish" is the eleventh short in the Wander Over Yonder shorts. In this short, Hater's broadcast is interrupted by an interloper.


In the eleventh take, Wander asks Lord Hater if there is an easier way to prove he is the greatest. Hater says he needs to destroy Wander so that the galaxy will take him seriously. Suddenly, the set gets blasted and the camera falls over. Offscreen, we hear that Emperor Awesome has entered the ship and wants to kick Hater's behind. A huge fight breaks out and after Wander readjusts the camera, we see that Hater has defeated Awesome. Hater celebrates his victory and asks Wander if it was caught on camera. Wander just sheepishly replies that it was, even though it was not.


For a full transcript of The Big Finish, click here.



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