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The Bad Hatter
S2e11b Hat coughs up teddy bear
Hater forces Wander's hat to give him what he wants.
Season: 2
Production code: 211b
Broadcast number: 59
Story by:
Craig McCracken,
Sam Riegel
Francisco Angones
Amy Higgins
Todd Casey
ND Stevenson
Written by:
Sam Riegel
Storyboards by:
Vaughn Tada
Directed by:
Dave Thomas
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
January 25, 2016
International Debut:
February 18, 2016 (Disney XD Turkey)
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Paired with
"The Secret Planet"
It's a magic hat that can give me exactly what I need to impress Dominator!

— Lord Hater, after using Wander's hat

While trying to think of something to give Lord Dominator, Lord Hater unknowingly steals Wander's hat, and forces it to give him whatever he wants. Meanwhile, Wander becomes completely flustered and upset over losing the hat, which sets off a mad search throughout the planet he's visiting.

Episode Summary[]

The episode opens with Dominator's ship firing at the Skullship. Peepers yells at Hater about his stupid idea of giving Dominator flowers, who replies that girls are supposed to like flowers. The Skullship gets shot down to a planet Wander and Sylvia are sleeping on. Peepers pulls up just in time, blowing Wander's hat off, then snags the hat on the ship to run from Dominator. Wander wakes up and tries to pull his banjo out of his hat, which he doesn't have.

Peepers sends Hater to his room to think about what he's done. He notices Wander's hat, and starts explaining to "Wander" that he doesn't need this right now. He tackles the hat, thinking that Wander's inside, and ends up pulling out a cookie and a glass of milk. Hater concludes that it's a magic hat that gives him exactly what he needs...to impress Dominator.

Back on the planet, Wander is looking under some rocks for his hat. Sylvia suggests to retrace their steps, which would require orble juice that's in Wander's hat. He tries to get a map, which he doesn't have. He tries to play a song to lighten his mood on the banjo he doesn't have. Sylvia tells him that it's just a hat...which Wander tries to replace with mud.

Meanwhile, Hater tries to talk to the hat about advice for his friend Shmater. He reaches in to find books on anger management. He tries to find what she would like the most and pulls out a gun. He tries to find the thing she would like the least and pulls out a mirror. Meanwhile, Sylvia tries to find a hat for Wander. He tries on several different hats until he finds one that's exactly the same as his, but red. He complains that his hat is green.

Hater traps the hat on a rack and tries to torture it to give him something for girls. It spits out a teddy bear.


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End Credits[]

Wander trying on hats.


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Memorable Quotes[]

Peepers: Now, I want you to go to your room and think about what you've done!
Hater: Oh, yeah? Well, why don't you go to your room and think about what you've done?! Love killer!
Sylvia: Come on, buddy. If your old hat's gone, we will find a new one you like just as much. (she and Wander wear bowler hats; in British accent) I forthwith hereby proclaim this hat to be most agreeable, pip, pip! (wearing berets; French accent) A chapeau is merely a construct of ze mind, is it not? (wearing Watchdog helmets) Hat's great! Best headpiece! Hat's great! Best headpiece! (wearing sunday bonnets; Southern accent) Why, I do declare!

(They try on more hats until Wander finds one that's exactly his, but in red)
Sylvia: You did it, Wander! That one is perfect! Do you feel better?

Sylvia: What makes you think the hat is up there?

Wander: 'Cause this is exactly what happened when I stole it!
Sylvia: Wait-when you what? You stole something?!
Wander: Back in my past, I wandered to a galaxy in the middle of a civil war...Two former allies discovered the hat could give them wonderful things, but they got too greedy and turned against each other...in an attempt to conquer the galaxy, they forced the hat to give them whatever they wanted, without a thought to how the poor, helpless hat felt!...I felt so bad for it, I did the only thing I could: I took it, and kept it safe on my head. Eventually, it learned to trust me and was nice enough to help me, and right now...

Sylvia: We need to help it!
Wander: Hey, Hater! I was wondering, if it's not too much trouble, if I could get my-

Lord Hater:Take it!
Wander: Hey, thanks!
Lord Hater: Sure, no problem.
Wander: That's really nice of you.
Lord Hater: Whatever, it's fine!
Wander: Okay!
Lord Hater: Okay!
Wander: Okay!
Lord Hater: Okay!
Wander: Okay!
Lord Hater: Okay!!
Wander: Okay!
Lord Hater: OKAY!!
Wander: Okay!

Wander: Okay!
Sylvia: Maybe try retracing your steps. Wander: Super duper idea. We'll just orbble back to the last planet... (groans) No hat, no orbble juice. Well, then I'll just check the map... Oh! No hat, no map. Okay, an inspiational ditty should life my spirits... (frustrated groans) No hat, no banjo, no hat! No hat, no map, no hat, no orbble juice, no hat, NO WANDER!!!!!!!


  • This is the second episode to begin with "The Bad". ("The Bad Guy")
  • It is revealed that Wander stole his hat to stop two people from abusing it's magic and it learned to trust Wander.
  • Lord Hater discovers Wander's hat is magic in this episode.
  • This episode reveals what happens when people try to get what they want from the hat instead of what they need.


  • Wander wears a Watchdog helmet again.
  • While trying on hats in the hat shop, the music played is the same tune as whenever Wander and Sylvia ran into Trudi Traveler in "The Tourist".
  • Wander's hat becomes the main focus again.


  • The title is a pun on "The Mad Hatter" from Alice in Wonderland. Also, the owner of the hat store bears a striking resemblance to the Mad Hatter and sounds just like him.
  • At one point where Wander and Sylvia are going up to Hater's ship to retrieve his hat, there is a carriage that bears a striking resemblance to the pumpkin carriage from Cinderella.

Production Information[]

  • This episode's title and airdate was originally revealed on Google.[1]
  • This episode was produced in 2015, according to the credits



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