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"The Bad Guy"
S1e5a Let's take it outside.jpg
Wander (as a bad guy) with Badlands Dan
Season: 1
Production code: 105a
Broadcast number: 8
Story by:
Lauren Faust
Craig McCracken
Tim McKeon
Ben Joseph
Johanna Stein
Alex Kirwan
Greg White
Written by:
Ben Joseph
Storyboards by:
Riccardo Durante
Directed by:
Eddie Trigueros
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
October 18, 2013
Disney XD US Premiere:
December 11, 2013
International Debut:
February 22nd, 2014 (Disney XD Latin America and Disney XD Brazil)
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Paired with
"The Troll" (production)
"The Fugitives" (premiere)
If we're gonna go in there, you gotta do the opposite of that, you gotta act tough, nasty, mean! You gotta act like a bad guy!

— Sylvia

Wander and Sylvia run out of orbble juice and crash land on Doomstone, a planet inhabited by bad guys. Sylvia has Wander act like a bad guy like the others so she can get the juice, but Wander's bad guy attitude winds up going to his head.

Episode Summary

Wander and Sylvia are falling to death through a field of broken asteroids due to the fact shortcuts through asteroid belts is not the best idea, according to Sylvia. Wander blows an orbble around them, stating they'll be fine, but then it quickly pops and Wander realizes they won't be fine now as his bottle of orbble juice is empty.

They crash land on a planet and Wander realizes they're out of orbble juice. When Sylvia asks if they're completely dry, Wander tells Sylvia not to worry as he sees a "nice" town and is about to head over to ask its citizens for help when Sylvia takes him away. She says the town is Doomstone, a town full of the meanest and nastiest outlaws in the galaxy. Wander wonders if they can just ask nicely, but Sylvia doesn't agree and says that in order to get in, Wander has to be the opposite of nice and should act like a bad guy. Wander proves it by putting on a fake mustache and slouching and stomping around, growling evilly. As he approaches Doomstone, Sylvia wonders if there's a dinosaur in there to which Wander agrees, leaving Sylvia to quote "Oh, we're doomed."

Wander and Sylvia go to the Doomstone saloon (where everyone gets their attention when they enter) and go to a corner to talk. Sylvia sits Wander on a stool and tells Wander she's going to ask the owner about getting the juice and reminds him to growl. After Sylvia leaves, Wander sees a bull creature sneak up on him and tell him he's in his seat, to which he responds with a mean "Get your own!" and spit on his boot, turning everyone's attention to him. The bull wonders who Wander is while the latter repeats, and the bull shows Wander his wanted poster, introducing himself as Badlands Dan. Wander does the same by using Badlands Dan's fur to draw his own wanted poster and makes his own bad guy name: Wild Wooly Wander.

Meanwhile, Sylvia is talking to the Two-headed Alien Bartender. She asks them where they can get orbble juice, but the apple head says they don't have any and Sylvia bribes them with a crystal, letting him to say there is someone who can help. Sylvia bribes them with her entire crystal bag and the apple head says the person who can help and gives her a chewed up wrap with his address and directions to his place on it. The lemon head reminds her that Papa Doom is the meanest, nastiest crime lord on Doomstone and claims Sylvia she isn't tough enough and as a result, he'll blast her into atoms and keep the crystals himself. The apple head adds it shouldn't be a problem since Wander seems really tough.

Sylvia notices Wander insulting Badlands Dan and drags him outside, stating he's going too far and needs to find a way to get to Papa Doom's place. Wander comes over with a floating motorcycle, which happened to belong to a group of bad motorcycling pigs, The Motorhogs. Their leader, Oink, is angry at Wander for stealing her bike, which leads to a long winded chase through town. Eventually, they wind up in front of a mansion, which happens to be the home of Papa Doom. Sylvia thanks Wander and adds it's not bad, to which Wander suggests they act nice now. Sylvia doesn't agree and asks Wander to let her do the talking while he doesn't speak much. Wander agrees, and walks toward the mansion quietly.

They enter the mansion, Sylvia surprised at the fact Papa Doom always leaves his door unlocked. They see Papa Doom at the top of a staircase and Sylvia asks him for some orbble juice while Wander nods silently. Papa Doom refuses to listen to them and instead has his gargoyle assistants fly down and taunt them, but are shocked to see Wander. Papa Doom recognizes Wander and worryingly asks the gargoyles to give him some orbble juice, and Wander furiously takes Sylvia's spare bag of crystals and switches them with the bottle containing the juice. But just as they were about to leave, Papa Doom realizes the bag he received had rocks in it, turns out the bags were switched and now Wander has both the crystals and juice.

Papa Doom isn't very happy with the switch and this leads into another chase scene. The chase leads Wander and Sylvia to an alley, where they encounter every major bad guy throughout their adventure in every direction. Wander begins acting again, and Sylvia pulls his mustache off, reverting him to normal. She reveals she and Wander were only pretending to be bad so they can fit in and are sorry for what they did. She asks everyone if they can find it in their hearts to help them, making them soften at first, but then they ultimately refuse because they don't help strangers and don't have hearts. As Wander and Sylvia cower for the worse, Sylvia realizes nothing is happening, eventually realizing everyone is a bunch of fakers, just like Wander. The bad guys reveal they were only faking bad to survive and apologize to each other, and Sylvia tells Wander he was right all along, they just had to ask nicely.

The citizens rename the town Congenial Rock, on account of their new attitude. Papa Doom gives Wander and Sylvia a huge bottle of orbble juice to get them wherever they want to go, and Oink gives them a pie for the road. Badlands Dan hopes Wander and Sylvia can come back soon, and Wander agrees and pats his snout, tickling him, and Wander blows an orbble and sends he and Sylvia on their way. As they leave, Wander says to Sylvia "What a nice bunch of folks!" and Sylvia adds "A bunch of softies, if ya ask me." Badlands Dan then says in the distance: "Be good!"


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End Credits

Wander stomps through the scene growling, while Sylvia follows him.[1]


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Memorable Quotes

Sylvia: (Refers to Wander's growling) Is that... is there some dinosaur in there?

Wander: Little bit.

Sylvia: Ohhhhh, we're doomed.
Sylvia: Okay, I'm gonna go see the owner about hookin' us up with the juice. Just remember: "RRRRRRR!"
Wander: RRRRRRR!
Badlands Dan: Do you know who I am?

Wander: Do YOU know who I am?!
Badlands Dan: I'm a wanted man. (shows wanted poster) Ten million credit reward for the capture of Badlands Dan, meanest man in the whole, durned land!

Wander: (showing his own handmade wanted poster) I'M a wanted man! Ten million and ONE credit reward for the capture of Wild Wooly Wander, wickedest wan in the WHOLE, WURNED, WAND!!!
Badlands Dan: Let's take it outside, little man!

Wander: Leeeeet's do it! Let's take it ALL the way outside! Let's take it for a nice walk in the park! You and the rest of these...wimpy wimpersons!

William: The name is William Wimperson, thank you very much!
(In reference to what Wander did)
Sylvia: Are you three kinds of crazy? I asked for bad, not death wish!
Wander: (While jumping the truck of explosives) Bein' bad is rad!
Sylvia: You crazy whammer jammer! You -- tch, you...got us exactly where we needed to be! This must be Papa Doom's joint! Oh, not bad, Wander, not bad at all!

Wander: Oh, not bad, Wander! So, you think we should ask nice this time?

Sylvia: No! No, no, no. We're almost home free, we can't give up the act, now! So, don't be nice! But, you know, don't be cuckoo either!
(After his mustache is removed the last time)
Wander: Hoo hoo wee! That was some kind of fun!

Background Information

  • The episode does not start with an overview of a planet, but with space debris, the first episode to use that matter.
  • Lord Hater and Peepers don't appear in this episode.
  • Running gag: Wander growling evilly.

Cut scene.

  • There was originally a scene including male zbornaks in it, revealing male zbornaks have a horn on their snout. The scene was cut before it could be approved.[2]
  • The episode's title refers to Wander acting like a bad guy, as well as the bad guys encountered in the episode.


  • Though Wander and Sylvia have previously used the orbble transporter bubbles in "The Good Deed" and "The Pet", this is the first episode where orbbles are actually mentioned. Orbbles were also used in the majority of promos for the show and used as a weapon for the game "The Galactic Rescue".
  • Normally the corners of Wander's hat are smoothed downward and is worn with one corner in the front, but when he is in bad guy mode, the corners stick up, and is worn with two corners between his head. This is most likely to exaggerate both the normal Wander and his disguise.
  • According to the dialogue, Sylvia has been to Doomstone before.
  • This is the first time Wander acts evil.
  • This is also the first time Wander insults someone, though he is technically acting while doing so.
  • When Sylvia is telling the Doomstone citizens about her and Wander's true nature, a slow soft version of Wander Over Yonder End Title Theme can be heard.
  • Third episode to not begin with an overview of a planet ("The Pet", "The Prisoner").
  • Second time Wander uses the phrase "____ little town" ("The Greatest").
  • The background music played during the Motorhog chase scene is identical in tune to the song Ride Sylvia Ride in "The Hat".
  • When Wander heads toward Doomstone before Sylvia stops him, he struts similar to the way he did in the theme song.
  • The "Doomstone" song sound a lot like Commander Peepers' background music from, "The Prisoner"
  • In Germany, this episode is called "The Villain".


  • Wander's head shade does not disappear when he reaches into his hat to get the orbble juice and later his fake mustache.
  • When Wander is in disguise, his hat appears to have two corners instead of three, and the star is moved to between two corners instead of laying straight with a corner. It's possible Wander moved it.
  • When Wander is acting like a bad guy, sometimes the style of Wander's hat is the same style as his normal hat, other times its in the sideway style. It changes throughout the episode.
  • At the beginning when Wander and Sylvia are falling through the asterioid field, they shouldn't be falling as there is no gravity where they are, and should be floating instead. They should have been falling when near the gravity of Doomstone just seconds later.
  • When Wander reaches into his hat to get his fake mustache out, his goatee detaches from his chin.
  • When Wander and Sylvia are falling, they are falling on their bottoms, but when they are about to fall on the Doomstone planet, they are falling on their bellies, and when they land Sylvia is on her back while Wander is on his feet.
  • When Wander falls to the floor after meeting Badlands Dan, the stool falls to the left, but when Badlands Dan shows his wanted poster, the stool is on the right.
  • Up close Badlands Dan's boots are detailed with spurs, but zoomed out they are plain.
  • In real life, when a bottle of bubble liquid is empty, it wouldn't be completely empty like what happened with the bottle of orbble juice, instead there would be a few hard-to-reach puddles around the bottom. Therefore when Wander turned the bottle upside down and wiggled it, the remaining liquid would've fallen out.
  • Closed-captioning errors:
    • When Sylvia says "Wander, don't you know where we are?" the captions say "What?! Don't you know where we are?"
    • After Wander suggests he'd ask real nice, Sylvia goes "No! No, no, no, no." but in the captions, the last four "No"s are missing.
    • When Sylvia says "Now, we need to find a way to get these crystals across town, and --" the captions exclude "and".
    • After the gargoyles land in front of Wander and Sylvia, Wander growls, but the captions say the gargoyles are growling.
    • Near the end, when Wander pats Badlands Dan's snout, he giggles and says "Tickles" but the captions say "Tickled".
    • The captions exclude Badlands Dan's last line "Be good!"


  • Doomstone is a pun on the word tombstone.
  • When Wander is disguised, his name "Wild Wooly Wander" is a pun on "Wild Wooly Wednesday" at DoubleDave's Pizzaworks.
  • When Wander suggests he and Sylvia should ask the bad guys for more orbble juice, this is similar to The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, when SpongeBob and Patrick see the Patty Wagon key in the Thug Tug and Patrick suggests they walk in and ask the thugs for it.
  • Dudley Do-Right - Wander's mustache and the twirling to it he gives at the beginning to the title card is a reference to the famous villain Snidley Wiplash from "Dudley-Do-Right." 
  • Robot and Monster - One of the bad guys in the background during Wander's insult to Badlands Dan resembles the character Robot and Monster.
  • Looney Tunes - The music played in the Doomstone Salloon is to the tune of Foghorn Leghorn's theme music.
  • Teletubbies - When Wander is showing his wanted poster, one of the posters in the background has a creature bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Teletubbies character Po.

Production Information

  • For the first few airings of the episode, it was paired with "The Fugitives".

International premieres

  • February 22nd, 2014 (Disney XD Latin America and Disney XD Brazil)
  • February 27th, 2014 (Disney Channel Japan)
  • March 28th, 2014 (Disney XD UK)
  • May 10th, 2014 (Disney Channel Hungary)
  • August 4th 2014 (Disney XD Germany)
  • January 26th, 2018 (Disney XD Southeast Asia)


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