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"The Axe"
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Peepers remembering the past times with Hater
Season: 2
Production code: 345W-210[1]
204b (with The Wanders)
Broadcast number: 46
Story by:
Craig McCracken
Francisco Angones
Todd Casey
Amy Higgins
ND Stevenson
Mike Yank
Written by:
Mike Yank
Storyboards by:
Dave Thomas
Directed by:
Dave Thomas
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
August 31, 2015
International Debut:
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Paired with
"The Wanders"
Hater: Wow, I can't believe I never figured this out before. The reason we've been failing all this time is because...
Peepers: You waste all our resources trying to destroy a happy-go-lucky do-gooder who just wants to be your friend?
Hater: Because you and your boring plans have been keeping me down, CIVILIAN Peepers!
Peepers: Sir, with due respect, it's Commander.
Hater: Not anymore. YOU'RE FIRED!

— Lord Hater and Peepers

Lord Hater fires Commander Peepers, who is shocked to find how well Hater does without him.[2]

Episode Summary[]

At Hater's spaceship, he contacts the owner of a planet to complain about not owning it anymore. She tries to explain that, since he didn't visit them that much, they thought they weren't conquered anymore. Hater thinks it's either Emperor Awesome, The Black Cube of Darkness and even Lord Dominator, but it turns out to be Sourdough, who is at the planet right now. He mocks Hater since the planet now belongs to the sandwich, and it shows in the leaderboard that Hater—who had only one planet—lost it and is out of the 50th place.

After failing to turn off the TV in frustration and being scolded by Peepers, Hater comes to the conclusion that Peepers is the reason why he's not higher in the leaderboard and fires him.

Later, at Peepers' room, the commander is in denial that he was fired, but it soon turns out to be true once Hater visits him. After being asked three times about crucial things to do, and also being told to delete and then crop himself out of-some pictures of past events, Peepers decide to wait until Hater messes up.

However, in a montage, Hater manages to conquer a couple of planets without much trouble. Having been convinced he's not needed anymore, Peepers, with his helmet replaced by a tall tan hat, sadly walks to the exit and onto a taxi, which drives away just before Sourdough's armada arrives.

Back inside, Hater celebrates his victory before Sourdough crashes the party. The sandwich scolds Hater for only establishing flags and not leaving an armada behind, or any infrastructure that shows he conquered the planet. Then, after being angered, Hater launches a missile at Sourdough's ship, but it doesn't take long before it is destroyed.

Hater then escapes just as the armada shoots and goes after him, all while Sourdough continues mocking the skeletal humanoid.

Back at the taxi cab, Peepers tries to find a new job to do before Hater, thanks to his ship's long tongue, manages to catch up to him. He asks him what to do in a dogfight with a sandwich and that is when a laser reveals the entire armada is behind the cab. The battle continues as Peepers waits until Hater says he's sorry, and tries to do it just as Sourdough launches a missile at the ship.

Once Hater says he's sorry he's having trouble saying sorry, Peepers decides to go back to the ship and punches the missile out before ordering the Watchdogs to use the "Eye-Fighters" against the armada. Then, when he activates the shield, he also says that since Sourdough left his planets completely vulnerable, then they can now take them over.

Excited to do something, Hater is told by Peepers to crash into the main ship. Once he does that, he blasts Sourdough with an electric blast. Then, after headbutting Sourdough's ship away, Peepers and Hater dance to the montage music from before.

Afterwards, it shows the leader of the planet Lord Hater lost in the beginning thanking Hater for conquering them again while being aimed at point-blank. Hater then says that he couldn't have done it without himself, much to Peepers' annoyance.

However, the commander rejoices when Hater places a statue of Peepers right next to his own. Peepers then hugs him and continues to do so after being warned by Hater that he could fire him again before the episode ends.


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End Credits[]

Hater acts like a robot, down to pretending to shut down and Peepers oiling him.


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Production Information[]

  • This episode was originally revealed by Zap2it listings.[3]


  • This is the first episode in which Wander and Sylvia do not make an appearance.[4] Although, Wander is mentioned by Peepers, as a "happy-go lucky-do-gooder who only wants to be Hater's friend."
  • Sourdough's voice is considerably lower than his previous appearance.
  • By the end of the episode, Lord Hater is listed in the 46th spot on the Galactic Villain Leaderboard; however, the official updated leaderboard after the episode lists him in 45th, the 46th spot being blank.

Background Information[]

  • The second verse of "Lord Hater's Theme" is heard in this episode.

International Premieres[]

  • February 11, 2016 (Disney XD Turkey)


  • The Evil Sandwich from "The Fancy Party" returns and names himself Sourdough in this episode.
  • The music that sounds as Hater dances victoriously is the same music from "The Greater Hater."
  • The missile Haters launches at Sourdough's armada is similar to the missile he launched in at the sun in "The Good Deed."


  • Funeral March - This Chopin composition is heard when Peepers is lying on his bed.
  • Star Wars - The Watchdogs fly Eye Fighters, a parody of the Empire's TIE fighters.
  • Pac-Man - When Lord Hater gets knocked off the leaderboard the death noise from the original Pac-Man can be heard.


  • Although the montage shows that Hater ends up as high as 39th in the leaderboard, during the party, the leaderboard shows he's in the 46th position.
  • Lord Hater's voice sounds different from other episodes.



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