Stella Starbella
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Gender: Female
Friends and Family
Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Loose Screw"
Voiced by:
June Squibb

Stella Starbella is a character who made her debut in "The Loose Screw." She is voiced by June Squibb.[1] She is an elderly and somewhat senile superhero who has been fighting crime since her youth. Despite her feeble appearance, she was once the greatest heroine in the galaxy and the arch-enemy of the galaxy's former greatest villain, Mandrake the Malfeasant.

Physical appearance

She is an elderly and short humanoid alien with blue skin and pink her who normally wears a white bath robe with a violet star on it. In her youth, she was a stunning beauty and a picture of perfect health. Underneath her bathrobe she wears the skin tight superhero outfit she wore in her youth.


Starbella is a very feeble and possibly senile old woman who often says nonsensical things. Despite this, she is still a very heroic and competent crime fighter who, despite her mental state, is still a great superhero in peak physical condition.


Mandrake the Malfeasant

Starbella Poster

A young Starbella.

Starbella and Mandrake have been archenemies since their youth and Starbella has dedicated her life to stopping Mandrake at every turn. Mandrake however is in love with Starbella and has always regretted not being able to conquer her heart, as she does not tolerate villainy.


Mittens is Stella's talking cat, the pilot of the ship, and also the one who usually does all repairs by himself.



  • She is based on the 1960s film and mature comic book heroine of Barbarella, an attractive space adventurer known for her wild escapades. Starbella's name, costume and poster are even direct homages to the character and her film.
    • She also draws some inspiration from Flash Gordon, the main character from the Flash Gordon franchise.


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