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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the food product.
Sourdough the Evil Sandwich
S1e11a Evil Sandwich.JPG
Alias: Evil Sandwich (by themself)
Species: Spirit (takes on the species of whomever it possesses)
Gender: None (takes on the gender of whomever it possesses)
Age: 1000+
Friends and Family
Lord Hater
Commander Peepers
Emperor Awesome
Lord Dominator
Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Fancy Party"
Voiced by:
Rich Fulcher

"You stuck me in a sandwich for a thousand years!? DESTROY THEM!!!"
— Sourdough[source]

Sourdough the Evil Sandwich is a character who first appeared in the episode "The Fancy Party". It was formerly Queen Entozoa until it was revealed to be a spirit or energy being who possesses people's bodies for 1,000 years, but because of Wander, it is now a sandwich and now wants revenge on Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, and Peepers.

Physical Appearance

Sourdough's true form.

Sourdough is pretty much an average cheese, lettuce and ham sandwich, with the two olives on it acting like its eyes. Its true form is that of an amorphous and glowing purple entity outwardly resembling some sort of slug/dragon hybrid.


Sourdough is a truly evil being who knows not the meaning of mercy and is purely tyrannical. It detests weakness and desperation above all else and prefers displays of power and acts of defiance. It admires power and reputation, which is something it looks for in its hosts. It is also very temperamental and very protective of its planets.

Powers and Abilities

Sourdough in its true form is capable of possessing another being and taking complete control of their body, however it can only do this once every 1,000 years. Once it possesses someone, Sourdough can apparently keep his host alive for 1,000 years until it is ready to get a new one. It can even keep something like a sandwich fresh for a 1,000 years and allow it to survive all manner of physical harm only to come back fully healed soon after. However, its current form is completely powerless and defenseless, leaving Sourdough as nothing more than a helpless sandwich that can stay fresh far longer than other sandwiches. Sourdough's true strength though comes from its incredibly old age which grants it lengthy experience, as well as a vast armada and fortune which it has been expanding throughout the centuries. The bulk of its military force is made up of the Beefeeters, which have proven to be bigger, stronger and more competent than most of the other minions seen so far.


Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater and Commander Peepers

Originally in its original form, Sourdough seemed fond of Wander due to his position as most wanted in the galaxy and seemed mainly indifferent to Sylvia, Peepers and Hater (although later he did become impressed with Hater's power), however after Wander saved Lord Hater from being possessed by Sourdough, it began searching after the four, but mostly the latter two in hopes of getting revenge. In The Axe it's shown that he doesn't really think highly of Lord Hater as a villain but instead as a "ne'er do well". It also shows that he has some respect for Peepers saying that Peepers actually knows what evil is all about, unlike Hater.

Emperor Awesome

Emperor Awesome was one of the many who sought Sourdough's power when it was Queen Entezoa, and even tried to flirt with Sourdough after becoming a sandwich. Sourdough was not amused by his behavior and had him blasted by his guards.

Queen Entozoa

A thousand years ago, Sourdough made a deal with Queen Entozoa, giving her its power in exchange for possessing her body for 1,000 years. He did not seem quite fond of his former host though, as when she died he simply called her a decrepit old hag.


Season 1

Season 2



  • As of October 26th it is no longer on the "Galactic Villain Leaderboard".
  • It appears to not have a definitive name, preferring to adopt the identity, title and gender of whatever it is possessing.
  • According to Francisco Angones, Sourdough was originally Emperor Palpatine before becoming Queen Entozoa, although this may have been intended as a joke.[1]
  • Interestingly, in the Dark Empire comics, Palpatine was shown to have the power to transfer his essence into new bodies (specifically clones), much like Sourdough.
    • In the movie The Rise of Skywalker, the same thing happens, with the difference that he can only transfer his essence with defective clones that leave him in an immobile state (similar to Sourdough, who is immobile as a sandwich for 1,000 years) because they do not resist his essence, and the only way to make a successful transition is with the help of a descendant who shares his DNA (Ray).
  • In its initial entry into the sandwich, its voice was electronically sped up. This trait was dropped from its further appearances.