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S1e3b Lord Hater's ship

The Skullship is the spaceship used by Lord Hater to travel through the universe to spread his evil. It's also his, Commander Peepers, and the Watchdog army's home. The spaceship looks a lot like Hater's head.


Main Foyer[]

Food Court[]

Prison Level[]

Lord Hater's Bedroom[]

Commander Peepers' Bedroom[]

Watchdog Sleeping Bay[]

Conference Room[]

Skullcrusher mode[]

Skullcrusher mode appears incredibly dangerous. It is much faster, and heavily armed. However, it sacrifices armor, and can be brought down with one shot. According to Dominator's "Well, that was weird", it seems to be good in psychological warfare as well.


  • When the ship accelerates, it usually makes the sounds of a motorcycle.
  • The ship can open its mouth and release a tongue-like platform as seen in "The Greatest".
  • In "The Rider" and "The Rival", the ship is seen moving its lips to what Hater is saying.
  • The ship is often shown to look quite a lot smaller from the outside.


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