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Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Sylvia (former partner)
Lord Hater


Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Rider"
Voiced by:
Will Arnett

Ryder is a character in "Wander Over Yonder", who made his first appearance in the season finale, "The Rider". He was Sylvia's old partner before she met Wander.


Ryder is of a humanoid species, standing almost tall as Sylvia. He has blue hair in a similar style to Sylvia but longer, yellowish skin and a black visor with a red dot. He wears a long-sleeved shirt with black pants, boots and gloves, and a black jacket with a red, green and blue line on it.


Ryder is a rough and tough guy and uses words like "grop". He also likes to fight, just like Sylvia. But sometimes he can get quite mad, like when Wander was messing up his mission.

He is also shown to be greedy, self-serving and not above lying to people to get what he wants.

Despite his tough guy attitude he has also shown a cowardly side, as proven when he tries to talk his way out of trouble when he was captured by the Watchdogs !




He was partners with Sylvia before she met Wander. When they met again, they fought for a brief moment but for fun, and were mostly friendly with each other.


Through the episode, Ryder has shown slight animosity and disbelief that Sylvia had him as a partner, and was generally dismissive of him.

Lord Hater

Ryder seemed to know Lord Hater sometime before the events of "The Rider" as he stole something that belonged to Lord Hater. Throughout the episode, the goal was to break in to Hater's ship and give back all the stolen goods. His real goal was to actually keep it to himself.


Season 1

Season 2


"The Rider"

"The Gift"


  • Although Craig McCracken confirmed his name is spelled Ryder, most summaries of The Rider spell it as Rider.
  • He is based on Han Solo from the Star Wars series.