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Prison Dimension prisoners
S1E16b Thrax with the rest of the prisoners
Species: Various, humanoid in shape
Gender: Male
Residence: Lord Hater's Prison Dimension (formelry)
Friends and Family
Lord Hater
Sand Snapper
Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Buddies"
Voiced by:
Fred Tatasciore, (Thrax)
Charlie Adler
Keith Ferguson
Tom Kenny

The "Prison Dimension prisoners" are characters who appear in "The Buddies". They were the first characters sent to Lord Hater's Prison Dimension for various acts, though most of them were pretty minor in cause.

For a good deal of the episode, they act with hostility to Lord Hater and act like good friends with Wander. They escape from the prison dimension near the end of the episode, where they hurt Lord Hater one last time.

Physical Appearance[]

They all have a distinct appearance. Thrax's appearance is described in his character page.

One of them has green skin with a blue face, and is wearing a necklace made of bones and an eye patch.

Another one has a look similar to a fish, with purple veins around his light blue body. He also has eye tattoos, and wears patriotic underwear and armbands.

One is a cyclops with dark purple skin. He's wearing a gladiator's helmet, has some chains wrapped around him, has a spiky wristband, hair underwear, a spiderweb tattoo on one of his arms and pink spot on the other.

Another one has light teal skin with red spikes, dressed in a suit resembling workout gear and with a flame around an eye.



Wander met them at some point prior to the episode, where he became friends with them and helped them redeem themselves and go for their dreams. The prisoners, in general, were pretty friendly towards him and cared for his safety, shown when he was almost eaten by the Sand Snapper.

Lord Hater[]

In a backwards version of their relationship with Wander and as mentioned before, the prisoners were extremely hostile to Lord Hater, since he was the one to put them in the dimension in the first place.


  • "The Buddies" (First appearance)(Last appearance)