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Olive's mother
S1e10a “She thought you looked thirsty.”
The mother with her daughter and Sylvia
Gender: Female
Friends and Family
Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Nice Guy"
Voiced by:
April Winchell

Olive's mother, is, as her name implies, the mother of the Little Girl who first appeared in "The Nice Guy". She accompanied her daughter to Blarpee's in order to get a Thunder Blazz, but the two left once they saw there was none left.

Wander gave the girl the last thunder blazz, and the mother asked him if it was alright, to which he replied "Never hurts to help". Then, as Wander is sadly telling Sylvia that he failed to get thunder blazz, the mother and girl from before appear and hand her the thunder blazz, with the mother saying that her daughter saw that she was pretty thirsty.

Physical Appearance[]

She has olive green skin and a pair of antenna on top of her head. She wears a purple dress with pinkish boots and a pink, short scarf. Like her daughter, what seems like hair colored the same as the dress is seen on the back of her head.


  • "The Nice Guy" (First appearance)