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For the episode this song is from, see My Fair Hatey.
My Fair Hatey (song)
Song by Wander with Sylvia
Genre(s): Pop
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"My Fair Hatey" is the sixth of seven songs in the episode of the same name.


Wander: C'mon, Hater! We gotta get outta here! When I say "evac", you say "uate"! EVAC! EVAC! (cell closes)
Hater: What's the point? She thinks I'm a joke. She might as well destroy me.

(momentary silence, then Wander fixes Banjo and begins to play)

Wander: My fair Hatey, pick your chin up.
Things are bound to get better.
Yeah, the gal of your dreams
Turned out deadly, it seems.
And it's probably best you didn't wind up together.

My fair Hatey, don't you give up.
It ain't a total disaster.
Hey, we gave it a go,
Put on a heck of a show,
And did a lot of fun stuff we'll get to laugh about after.

Seems like you're becomin',
Becomin' someone,

A little less full of hate.
Sure, Dominator's got an unstoppable army,
And a maniacal determination to destroy our whole galaxy,
But you know what I think is great?
Hater: Please be quiet.

Wander: I'm talkin' 'bout buddies.
Sure seems like we're becomin' friends.
Buddies... (Hater: We are not buddies.)
And buddies stay buddies 'til the very end.
Hater: Stop it!

Wander: I know you'll try to deny it.
Hater: I do deny it 'cause we're not!
Wander: Chase me 'round the galaxy and try to hide it.
Hater: I swear, if you say "buddies" one more time!
Wander: We're buddies...
Hater: AAAHHHHHHHGGGH!!! (zaps their cell open)

Wander: (singing faster) Sure seems like we're becoming friends.
Buddies! (Hater: GAAAH!)
And buddies stay buddies 'til the very end.
Hater: Get back here!

Dominator: (sees core frozen over) Oh, grop!

(Wander and Hater bump into Sylvia and Peepers)

Wander: Buddy!
Sylvia: Buddy!
Wander and Sylvia: Oh, I thought I'd never see you again!
Peepers: Um, buddies?
Wander and Sylvia: Buddy!
Peepers: This ship's gonna blow any second now!
Hater: But he keeps saying we're friends!
Wander: And he keeps trying to deny it.
Sylvia: Listen, buddies or no buddies, I'm not ready to die yet.
So let's go!



  • Once again, Bean plays the banjolele on this song instead of the tenor banjo.
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