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Ms. Myrtle
Species: Turtle
Gender: Female
Born: Before the creation of the galaxy.
Professional Information
  Keeper of the Cosmos

Weever of the Galaxy

Friends and Family
Physical Information
Light green
Hat: tan with magenta ribbons and a pink hat.
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Sick Day"
Voiced by:
Piotr Michael

Ms. Myrtle The Eternal Turtle is a deity that appeared in the episode "The Sick Day." She is the the keeper of the cosmos, and the weaver of the very fabric of their galaxy.

Physical appearance[]

Ms. Myrtle appears to be a giant turtle with light green skin. She appears to have features comparable to that of an elderly woman, her skin appearing to have been aged by time. Ms. Myrtle wears a gardening hat with a flower on it tied to her head by a ribbon. She appears to have five pink eyes, one of them appearing to be lazy. Her giant turtle shell appears to be made up of crochet patterns. The lining of her shell also appears similar to that of a crochet table cloth.

Powers and abilities[]

Ms. Myrtle is an omnipotent being, claiming to have the ability to both create and destroy entire galaxies. One of the abilities that Ms. Myrtle demonstrated was her ability to instantly cure Wander of his illness.


Ms. Myrtle is one of the most powerful beings known to exist in Wander's claiming to have created it. Every weekend, Wonder would bring her a can of snickerdoodles so that they could share and catch up with one another. During the episode The Sick Day, Wonder got sick, and so Sylvia had to fill his roll.

After arriving, Ms. Myrtle awoke angrily, asking Sylia why she had dared to wake her from her slumber. Offscreen, the two quickly became friends and bonded. Wonder showed up extremely sick, not wanting to let Ms. Myrtle down. After he arrived in his sickened state, Ms. Myrtle used her powers to cure him, explaining that it was okay for him to take a break from time to time. She then revealed that she actually hated snickerdoodles, and threatened Sylvia to get rid of them, the consequence being the destruction of the universe.



  • Ms. Myrtle is a gigantic turtle whose design elements are based off of that of that of a stereotypical old woman. Examples include her shell being covered in crochet patterns, her gardening hat, and the giant glass of water containing dentures.
  • Ms. Myrtle is one of if not the most powerful beings in the entire Wander Over Yonder franchise.