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"The Funk"

The "Mooplexians" are a race of weird-looking aliens that Commander Peepers uses to bring Lord Hater back to "the good ole days" of picking on the weak and defenseless, due to their apparently harmless and "dumb" (according to Lord Hater) appearance. However, their physical forms are only shells of their true selves, who live on in their minds and reveal themselves to have far greater understanding and abilities than they appear to at first glance.

Physical Appearance

In their physical forms, the Mooplexians have an odd gray-ish body with a single leg and foot, with magenta hair and two elongated eyes with pink pupils and a pair of feet on top of their head. When they become angered, their colors all darken, their bodies becoming blue-ish gray, their eyes turning a glowing yellow and green, and their hair becomes purple.

In their mental forms, they are highly advanced and intelligent, and look like the eyes and mouths of their physical forms disembodied, with their hair becoming tentacles by which they connect their minds to those of others.



  • "The Funk" (First appearance)
  • "The Gift"