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  • Are you excited about this anime-influenced show? It is about an angel princess and her best friend who is a devil prince.

    Check it out:

    So, on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate this show?

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    • What can I help you with? Btw what is your Google account called? I want to send you a PM.

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    • Nana Nakahara.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do you know all the dere types, if so, then I wonder if the characters have a dere type (I know that Janet is a yandere) but, if not,, read the whole thing!

    And also, it was me, I'm Alivia, remember me?

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  • Ruth: Remember that time we had to dare each other? That was fun!. Let's do it again! Also, I can't believe it's almost Christmas, I'm excited!

    Hikari: Yeah, dare us again!

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  • I'm excited for the musical series I planned, especially the characters and music!

    So, what should the opening and ending be like? What should they be sung by? (They should be sung by characters, because, it's a musical series)

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  • Hello! I have a rainbow-themed song, what should it be sung by? It's called "Colorful Rainbow!"

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  • I'm gonna make a duets album (The songs have to be fan-made, not real, they should also be songs sung by 2 characters.)

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  • What if there were character songs...

    Please tell me what they should be called and what should they be sung by! (They should be fan-made, not real.)

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  • Hey, guess what? I'm going to plan Wander Over Yonder characters singing Love Live! songs!

    Why don't you plan one? You could listen to one of the songs they have!

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  • I want you to meet... MY OCS!!!!!!

    All my OCS: Hello!

    Ruth: Hello there! I'm Ruth, I'm one of Alivia's OCs! I'm so glad to meet you! Let's become friends! My partner is Hikari! Say hello~

    Hikari: Hi!

    Melissa: Bzz! Bzz! Bzz! Oh, sorry I bumped into you, my name is Melissa, I'm one of the OCs of Alivia! I have a partner named Chou! Hay hello, Chou!

    Chou: Hello, there Woybff!

    Naomi: Hello, I'm Naomi, I look so beautiful, don't I? Meet my beautiul partner named Aimi.

    Aimi: Hi, I'm Aimi, Naomi's partner, I love to meet you here! You look so beautiful!

    Stella: Reach for the stars, Woybff! Reach for the stars with me and my partner Hoshi!

    Hoshi: Come on, Woybff!

    Chloe: Hello, I'm Chloe, do you like flowers? I do! My partner, Haruka, likes flowers too.

    Haruka: Hi!

    Matilda: Hi-ya! Oh, sorry I kicked you, I didn't know you were standing there, I'm practicing to fight! My partner, Junko, is very obedient!

    Junko: Hi there!

    Ally: Hello, I want you to be one of my partners! I have a partner named Momoko.

    Momoko: Hi!

    Hannah: Hello there, I'm very smart, very, very smart. Meet my partner, Shinju.

    Shinju: Hello, I'm just about as smart as Hannah!

    Hailey: Hello, I'm a hay-eating nomad and my partner is here, too!

    Shun: Hello!

    Harry: I'm Harry!

    Michael: I'm Michael!

    Richard: And I'm Richard!

    Harry/Michael/Richard: And we are the skeleton man OCs of Alivia!

    Harry: Meet our henchmen, henchmen, front and center!

    Shouta: I'm Shouta!

    Taiki: I'm Taiki!

    Shin: And I'm Shin!

    Shouta We're the henchmen of Harry, Michael, and Richard!

    (I wonder if Wander and Sylvia would meet them...)

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    • Me: Okay, joined! Now I dare you to dance to Dead by Napalm Death.

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    • Me:Here's a link:

      Zora:No, it's too short and painful. I dare you to email Sunil.

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    • A FANDOM user
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