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S1e7 The three space travelers

"Wander Over Yonder End Title Theme", one of the songs in the series.

Several songs appear so often in episodes throughout Wander Over Yonder, mostly performed during a montage or interwoven into the narrative. Sometimes a song is sung by a character, other times an offscreen singer does.

List of Songs (by Episode)[]

Multiple Episodes[]

Season 1[]

Episode Song(s)
"The Picnic" "Let's Get Awesome"
"The Greatest" "Hot Dog Eatin'"
"The Egg" "Mother and Child Y'all", "The Bronco's Buck"
"The Picnic" "Let's Get Awesome"
"The Pet" "My Best Buddy"
"The Prisoner" "Lord Hater's Theme", "Commander Peepers' Theme", "Do You Know the Button Song", "Lord Hater's Skeleton Face Metal"
"The Bad Guy" "Ride Sylvia Ride" (instrumental)
"The Box" "What's In The Box?"
"The Hat" "Ride Sylvia Ride"
"The Little Guy" "Westley, You're the Best", "Wander Over Yonder End Title Theme"
"The Bounty" "Commander Peepers' Theme"
"The Hero" "The Tale of Brad Starlight"
"The Birthday Boy" "Doom Arena", "Your Happy Birthday Song"
"The Nice Guy" "Here Comes Wander Now", "Thunder Blazz Jingle"
"The Time Bomb" "Take It Easy, Sylvia"
"The Day" "Commander Peepers' Theme" (Janitor version) (instrumental)
"The Night" Testing Sylvia's Earmuffs, Shake Your Deadly Venom Sac
"The Brainstorm" "Banjo", "Lord Hater's Theme" (Hawaiian version, parodied as "Who is the universe's loneliest evildoer?")
"The Fancy Party" "Let's Get Awesome", "Commander Peepers' Theme", "Hater and the Queen"
"The Void" "Inside Your Mind"
"The Party Animal" Let's Get Awesome, "Dance Competition"
"The Gift 2: The Giftening" "Commander Peepers' Theme" (instrumental)
"The Date" "A Night To Remember"
"The Buddies" "The Best Buds Shake", "Lord Hater's Theme" (Hawaiian version) (instrumental), "Best Friends Forever"
"The Liar" "Positive Song", "Lord Hater's Theme" (Hawaiian version) (instrumental)
"The Stray" "Brahms' Lullaby"
"The Helper" "Helper"
"The Funk" "Bein' Evil is Good"
"The Enemies" "Hidin' and Seekin'"

Season 2[]

Episode Song(s)
"The Greater Hater" "Hello Song", "This Guy's the Real Deal"
"The Big Day" "Gettin' Ready for the Big Day", "I Hate to Say That I Loathe You"
"The Fremergency Fronfract" "Gelatinous Bob's", "Hater Makes It Better"
"The Boy Wander" "Let the Pun Fit the Crime"
"The Wanders" "Singing Wander's song"
"The Axe" "The Commander's Last Command"
"The Loose Screw" "Stella Starbella's Theme Song"
"The Rager" "We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Last Night Alive"
"The Show Stopper" "Lord Hater's Theme"
"My Fair Hatey" "Ask Her a Question", "That's How We'll Get Her", "Let's All Go Meet Dominator", "You're the Greatest", "I'm the Bad Guy", "My Fair Hatey", "You're the Greatest (reprise)"
"The Bad Neighbors" "Bad Neighbors"
"The Night Out" "Groovin' Gal", "This is a Girls Night"
"The Heebie Jeebies" "The True Terror Beggings"


Later Hater Mash-up of voice clips to a rap song advertising the show on Disney XD
Disney XD 2014 Summer Anthem For advertising Disney XD's Animacation
Animacation Wander Theme For advertising the show as part of Disney XD's Animacation