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Seen in Image Running Gag(s)
"The Greatest" Wander challenging Hater 3.jpg Wander asking Lord Hater what he has done, Wander winning over Lord Hater, Lord Hater's arm falling off.
"The Egg" S1e1a Sylvia stomps past Wander 2.jpgS1e1b Slowing down, more.jpgS1e1b last minute helping 2.jpg Sylvia getting attacked by the beast; Sylvia refusing to believe Wander, Sylvia slowing down, the egg falling and wandering into a series of helpings while doing so; Wander showing Sylvia how to care for the egg.
"The Fugitives" Wander ditching Sylvia's escape plan to help, the Watchdogs causing mayhem causing Wander to not resist his help urge.
"The Good Deed" S1e3a No way.jpg Wander's helpings leading to something bad, Wander and Sylvia reacting in shock every time a good deed goes wrong.
"The Bad Guy" S1e5a Wander roars.jpg Wander growling evilly.
"The Troll" S1e5b Wander 'Don't I know it'.jpg The troll knocking on the castle door, the troll growing every time he insults someone and shrinking every time someone refuses to feed him, Wander lounging in front of the fire and claiming he's helping.
"The Hat" S1e6b Sylvia answers the can phone.jpg Sylvia insulting Wander's hat, Wander saying "Ring, ring, ring" before Sylvia answers a call from him, Wander's hat appearing to emote.
"The Bounty" Peepers stopping the bounty hunters and Killbot 86 inadvertently teleporting the tourists to Lord Hater's ship.
"The Hero" S1e9a Sylvia brought to a halt.jpgS1e9a Sylvia appears.jpg Brad treating Sylvia like a horse and Sylvia eating or drinking something when she doesn't care.
"The Birthday Boy" S1e9b Wander holding Hater's jaw.jpg Wander upset due to that Lord Hater's not smiling and Lord Hater getting harmed.
"The Nice Guy" S1e10a Ignoring the mat.jpgS1e10a Long line revealed.jpg Wander asking people to watch out for the lumpy mat, Wander getting stuck in long lines.
"The Toddler" Huckleberry mistaking things for lollipops, people mistaking Wander and Sylvia for the baby's parents.
"The Fancy Party" Entozoa approving of Wander's activities and disapproving of Lord Hater's, Sylvia constantly helping herself to the finger sandwiches, Wander asking "Why?" during Lord Hater's impromptu tale, Peepers is about to fire his blaster but is stopped by Sylvia.
"The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!" Wander asking someone if the sock is theirs.
"The Buddies" S1e16b Hater gets blocked by angry inmates.jpgS1e18b Wander presenting the pendants.jpg

S1E16b The thugs attack Lord Hater.JPG

  • The inmates showing discord over Lord Hater whenever he mistreats Wander.
  • The "Best Buds" pendant being shown.
  • Every time the inmates fight Lord Hater, it is shown as a ball of violence.
"The Liar" S1e17a Mother bird zaps Wander.jpgS1e17a Mother bird zaps Sylvia.jpgS1e17a Wander jumps.png
  • The mother bird zapping Wander or Sylvia.
  • The volcano obstacles getting more threatening
  • Wander expressing Sylvia to stay positive.
"The Stray"
  • Someone using goo goo eyes, whether it's Little Bits manipulating Wander or Sylvia faking it.
  • Wander following everything Little Bits is doing.
  • Little Bits responding mostly with a shake or nod of her head.