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Despite not having as many running gags as fellow Disney series, Phineas and Ferb, Wander Over Yonder still has had a few running gags in episodes. Most of these only appear in one episode, but a few have been recurring.

The List

Recurring running gags

Running gag(s) Image Seen in:
Lord Hater's arm/jaw falling off. Hater throwing trophy.jpgS1e9b Wander approaching Lord Hater.jpg

Arm: "The Greatest

Jaw: "The Birthday Boy", "The Breakfast", "The Fancy Party", "The Rider"

Characters saying "ding!" when they get an idea, mostly Wander. S1e6b Wander "Ding!".jpg "The Troll", "The Pet", "The Hat", "The Toddler", "The Wanders"
Commander Peepers using a weapon to hurt somebody else, sometimes the Watchdogs, or being the butt of the jokes. S1e3b Commander Peepers ''...and he's not a genius.''.jpg "The Funk", "The Bounty", "The Prisoner", "The Fancy Party", "The Birthday Boy"
Characters saying "of our lives" while looking at the camera when referring to an episode or season. S1e19b Sylvia "Of our lives".jpg "The Gift", "The Waste of Time", "The End of the Galaxy"
Characters asking "Mustard or mayo?" S1e2a Wander "Mustard or mayo?".png "The Picnic", "The Good Bad Guy", "The Hole...Lotta Nuthin'", "My Fair Hatey", "The Legend"