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Wander Over Yonder references pop culture several times throughout the series. Please note the list is for those referenced more than once.

Star Wars

Reference Quote or Context Episode(s)

Theatrical posters for Star Wars IV: A New Hope

 Lord Hater's failed invasion to Flendar thanks to Wander's banjo has Wander and Sylvia standing on Lord Hater's ship with Wander holding up his banjo while it shines bright, with Lord Hater's face in the background. The same action was used for one of the posters to promote the show.

"The Brainstorm"

Bad feeling about this "I've got a bad feeling about this."
Sylvia says this as Wander heads toward the ship.
"The Pet"

Looney Tunes


The Three Stooges


Reference Quote or Context Episode(s)
Captain Tim In, "The Pet," the hostile alien life form Wander names Captain Tim is a reference to the "Xenomorph" of Alien fame. "The Pet"
Captain Tim's Spaceship The spaceship on which Wander and Sylvia discover Captain Tim is a reference to the "Nostromo," the spaceship on which the film "Alien" takes place. "The Pet"
Sylvia In the episode, "The Pet," Sylvia makes several references to the character of Ridley, the protagonist of the Alien franchise. "The Pet"

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Power Rangers/Super Sentai