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Throught the series, Sylvia the Zbornak has been riden by a number of people, the most common and apparently permanent being Wander, her best friend.

Season 1

Rider Image(s) Status Debut episode
Wander WOY opening 12.png Current rider. "The Picnic"
Fleeblebort S1e3a Fleeblebort put in place.jpg Temporary rider when she and Wander took him to his wedding. "The Good Deed"
Westley S1e7 Westley riding Sylvia.jpg Temporarily rode her as they escaped from a Fire Lion. He rides her again briefly during the song of the episode. The Little Guy
Sir Brad Starlight S1e9a Sylvia shakes fist.jpg Temporary rider during the trio's journey; she showed a lot of animosity towards the idea of having him as her rider, though it was most likely because he treated her like a horse. "The Hero"
The Rider.png
Former partner; she initially joins with him again for an adventure, but after she remembers how much of a jerk he was and how much of a jerk he made her, she returned to Wander. "The Rider"

Season 2

Rider Image(s) Status Debut episode
The Greater Hater-0.png
The Fremergency Fronfract.png
The Fremergency Fronfract2.png
My Fair Hatey.png
My Fair Hatey-0.png
My Fair Hatey-1.png
Temporarily rode her in "The Greater Hater", throughout "The Fremergency Fronfract" and in "My Fair Hatey". "The Greater Hater"
The Battle Royale.png
The Battle Royale-0.png
The Battle Royale-1.png
The Battle Royale-2.png
Temporarily rode her in "The Greater Hater", and voluntarily agreed to do it again in "The Battle Royale". "The Greater Hater"
The Night Out.png
The Night Outt.png
The Night Out-0.png
Temporarily rode her in "The Night Out" "The Night Out"