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This list contains all known "Robots" seen in the series.


S1e15a Robots

Small, humanoid robots that are based on bobblehead dolls. They reside in a city-like planet that was once invadd by Emperor Awesome.

Defense Protocol Epsilon X0973 Tesseract[]

S1e2a The Picnic - Hater robot posing 4

A giant robot that is part of the Hater Empire, and is primarily inspired by Lord Hater. He used this against Emperor Awesome's battle dinosaur, but it was eventually destroyed thanks to Wander angering Lord Hater so much he yelled at him and lost focus.

Killbot 86[]

Killbot 86

A robot bounty hunter Lord Hater hired in order to hunt down Wander and Sylvia. He was eventually fired when he teleported a lot of tourists but the mentioned targets to Lord Hater's Spaceship.

Killbot 85[]

A robot in the Killbot series which will appear in Season 2.

Lord Dominator's minions[]

Mechanical beings that serve Lord Dominator.