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Let's All Go Meet Dominator
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Song by Wander, Hater, Sylvia and Peepers
Genre(s): Showtune
Length: 0:52
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"My Fair Hatey (song)" (Wander/Sylvia)
"You're the Greatest (reprise)" (Peepers)

"Let's All Go Meet Dominator" is the third of seven songs in "My Fair Hatey"


Wander: Again!
Hater: Uh... Look at this muscle. Pretty cool right? Date me!
Wander: Again!
Hater: Who's your favorite... electrical skeleton man?!
Wander: Again!
Hater: RRAAAUUGH!!! This is so hard! I mean, what does she even like?! What is she into?! What are her favorite things to do?!
Wander: Hater...
Hater: GAH! If I only knew that, then I could think of a stupid question to ask her!
Wander: Hater... That was a question, about someone other than yourself! You actually care about somebody else!
Hater: ...I do? I do!

Wander: I think you've got it!
Hater: Just can't wait to tell her I think she's tops!
Peepers: You've got it!
Sylvia: She's a lunatic and needs to be stopped!
Hater: I've got it! Hope she likes me!
Wander: I believe in you, Hater!
All: Let's all go meet Dominator!

Peepers: Dominator's thinks she's got us
Trapped in her clutches...
Sylvia: Til she meets the Lady Haymaker
And the Duchess!
Peepers: I'll cut the lights!
Sylvia: A left! A right!
Peepers: Hack the PC...
Sylvia: And one of these!
Peepers and Sylvia: And so long, Dominator!
Get out of our galaxy!

All: Here we go!
Wander: Now don't forget to speak from the heart.
All: Here we go!
Sylvia: We'll tear her robot army apart!
Wander and Hater: Here we go!
Sylvia and Peepers: I can't believe they think that
He's gonna date her.
Wander and Hater: Let's all go meet Dominator!
Sylvia and Peepers: Let's all go beat Dominator!
All: Let's all go meet Dominator now!

Wander: Here we go!


Andy Bean

"That's How We'll Get Her"
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