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"Inside Your Mind"
S1e15b Wander jug band circling Sylvia
Sylvia taking a journey via Wander's imagination.
Song by Wander (with Sylvia)
Genre(s): Jug band (intro), hot jazz, vaudeville
Length: 1:15
Wander/Sylvia chronology
Previous: "Testing Sylvia's Earmuffs" (Wander)
"Your Happy Birthday Song" (Wander and Sylvia)
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"Inside Your Mind" is a song sung by Wander and Sylvia in "The Void".


Wander: Oh, there's a place, you can do,
Do whatever you want to.
Just take a step inside your mind.
Open up the door, walk on through,
You'll be singing, "Whoop-boop-de-doo!"
When you take a step inside your mind.

Oh, make up stuff that you wanna see
Like a psychedelic bumblebee.

Do some things you want to try
Like flying up in the sky,
When you take a step inside your mind.

Sylvia: Wander! Wander! Whichever of these yous is you, I think you should maybe take five, pal!
Wander: Aw, you should join us!
Sylvia: Uh, no, thanks, I'm fine.
Wander: Come on, it'll be fun!

(Dance break)

Wander: Ooh, there's a spot where all is fine.
You'll be happy all the time
Just take a step inside your mind.
Don't be sad, don't be blue,
You'll find endless things to do
When you take a step inside your mind.

It's a place for you to grow
By knowing things you've never known.

Got a problem you need solved?
Use your noodle and evolve!
Take it, Syl!

Sylvia: Uh, no, thanks, I really wanna go –

Wander and Sylvia Dummy: Oh, just take a step inside...
Wander Audience: Take a step inside your...
All: Take a step inside your...
Sylvia Dummy: Yep-a-dep-a-dep-ba-ba-da-bow!


  • This is the second song Sylvia sings ("Your Happy Birthday Song"), although she sings it involuntarily.
  • The song starts out with a slow intro, but becomes faster when it's sung.
  • For the jug band intro, no real jugs were used. Andy Bean simply made some jug sounds with his mouth.[1]
  • Over 130 different Wanders can be found in the song.
  • This is the last song of Season 1 sung by Sylvia.
  • Andy Bean performed this song live at San Diego Comic-Con 2015.
  • An instrumental version can be heard in the we right back/now back to bumpers on Disney XD from Fall 2014 to Summer 2015


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