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I'm the Bad Guy
I'm the Bad Guy
Song by Dominator
Genre(s): Villain song
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"I'm the Bad Guy" is the fifth of seven songs in My Fair Hatey. Closed captions for the episode describe the tune playing while it is sung as "sultry music".


Hater: So you... don't want to date me?
Dominator: (Hysteric laughter) Oh my- That is- You think that I- With you? Oh my- that is too good! I mean it's sad for you, but... (sigh) ...Let me put this a way you idiots will understand.

I'm not the damsel in distress.
I'm not your girlfriend or the frightened princess.
I'm not a little bird who needs your help to fly.
Nope... I'm the bad guy.

All these former villains that you see,
Each of them, with shaking knees, has knelt before me.
So I'm not your teammate or your partner in crime.
What am I, boys?
Captured Villains: She's the bad guy.

Dominator: Oh, it's magic
To watch a planet
Shrivel up and die.
Oh, it's thrillin'
To be a villain.
I destroy their homes and then I watch them cry. (laughs)
(mecha voice) 'Cause I'm the bad guy!

Peepers: Oh my grop! She's not trying to conquer the galaxy so she can rule it! She wants to destroy it! Man, that's evil!

Dominator: (mecha voice) Oh, ain't it fantastic?
I see something, I BLAST it!
And let me tell you why.
(normal voice) I've always had a weakness
For barrenness and bleakness.
I crush all your hopes and then I watch you cry.

See, I find this business rather fun!
I don't want your assistance or your adulation!
I'll vaporize your galaxy and bid ya bye-bye!
Come on, GUESS!!
Wander and Hater: 'Cause you're the bad guy?
Dominator: Or, well, girl. (maniacal laughter)



  • When Lord Dominator shows Hater and Wander the villains before the song, they are behind a lava wall, but appear to be in a round room during the song.
  • When Dominator smashes Wander's banjo, her arms are incorrectly layered under her helmet
  • When Dominator smashes Wander's banjo, the spike on her helmet and the red heart on her shirt are both missing
  • When Dominator switches into her armored form, the visor on her skull mask is red instead of green


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