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S1e3a Now they won't go
Gender: Male
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Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Good Deed"
Voiced by:
Keith Ferguson

The Hufflerumples is a creature that appeared in "The Good Deed", serving as the mount of Fleeblebort. It used to move him for a carrot until Wander stole it and, trying to solve it, mentioned they could buy another on the store, which resulted in the creature abandoning Fleeblebort.

Physical Appearance[]

The Hufflerumples is a light blue, two-headed, six-legged mount with a white mane. Their noses initially are the same color as their bodies, change halfway into a light pink color as it progresses until they end as a pink elephant-like trunk.



"The Good Deed"[]

"The Gift"[]