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Hotel Schmancy
S1e11b Hotel Shmancy exterior.jpg
Perspective view of the Hotel Schmancy
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
"The Tourist"

Hotel Schmancy is a fancy hotel visited during "The Tourist". Trying to outdo Trudi Traveler, Wander and Sylvia go through the various places she went to. Hotel Schmancy was one of their stops.

Sylvia was initially angry during their stay, since they went after Wander and Sylvia had gone to a restaurant where the world's biggest hoagie was in, which was eaten by Wander. She became excited upon seeing that the hotel had a spa room.

When they had arrived at their destined floor, Wander quickly went to the room meant for him and Sylvia while she told the worker at the hotel "We will!" after saying "enjoy your stay". This was followed by Wander returning and shouting "We did!", a dumbfounded Sylvia shouting "We what?!" before the doors closed and took them down to continue their journey.

Physical Appearance

The hotel is rather fancy and expensive looking.