"Hot Dog Eatin'"
S1e1a Arm wrestlin'
Wander and Lord Hater arm wrestle each other.
Song by The Two Man Gentlemen Band
Genre(s): Hot jazz
Length: 0:28
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Hot Dog Eatin'

Hot Dog Eatin'

"Hot Dog Eatin'" is a montage song from "The Greatest" performed by The Two Man Gentlemen Band. It's played during Wander and Lord Hater's "Greatest in the Galaxy Contest".


Hot dog eatin', hot dog eatin'
Ring tossin', ring tossin'

What's next?
It's balloon dart throwin'
Baseball pitchin', baseball pitchin'

(Wander and Lord Hater play Test Your Strength)

Arm wrestlin', arm wrestlin'

(Wander and Lord Hater play Musical Chairs)

Sack racin', sack racin'
Tug o' war
Push-up contest



  • This is the first Wander Over Yonder song ever, apart from the theme song.
  • In production order, this is the first song heard during a competition or battle.
  • The fan nickname for this song is "Competition Song" based off the lyrics.


ASCAP Work #886044202

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