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"Hidin' and Seekin'"
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Hater and Brad try to find Wander.
Song by The Two Man Gentlemen Band
Genre(s): Hot jazz/folk
Length: 0:52
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"Hidin' and Seekin'" is a song in "The Enemies" that plays while Lord Hater and Brad Starlight search for Wander.


Hidin' and seekin',
Runnin' and peekin',
Playin' with my friends
And searchin' and grinnin',
And tree trunks and wedges,
Oh, the fun never ends.

Climbin' rock features,
And kickin' small creatures,
'Til I meet my end...
Hidin' and seekin'...
Playin' with my friends.

[Mandolin and steel guitar solos]

Hidin' and seekin'!


ASCAP Work #888326283


"Bein' Evil is Good"
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