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"Groovin' Gal"
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Song by Unknown
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Groovin' Gal is a song performed in a karaoke joint by Sylvia, the joint's owner's nephew and Lord Dominator in the Season 2 episode "The Night Out".


Sylvia: Party time and you're on the move!..

Lord Dominator: Hey! It's that Zbornak that's always getting up in my grill. This night is shaping up even better than I thought.

Sylvia: Nobody's gonna keep you down, girl!

Gettin' into the music sound, girl!

Alien: You know what you are

You're a groovin' gal!

On the prowl!

Sylvia: Rulin' the party now!

Alien: Groovin' gal!

I hear your cats meow!

Sylvia: When you get that song in your ear canal!

You can dance, you can rock!

Dance your way to the top!

Alien: Oh, no, she didn't!

Lord Dominator: Ooh, fight!

Sylvia: Groovin' gal!

Lord Dominator: Everybody fight!

Sylvia: Wow, thanks for saving my hide back there. Wait, do I know you?

Lord Dominator: No.

Sylvia/Lord Dominator: Who's that groovin' gal?




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