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General McGuffin
General McGuffin.png
Species: Eagle-like alien
Gender: Male
Residence: His fortress
Professional Information
  Villainous General
Friends and Family
Wingmen (minions)
Lord Hater,
Commander Peepers
Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The It"
Last Appearance:
  "My Fair Hatey

General McGuffin is a character who first appeared in "The It". He is a military-themed villain and one of the most notorious villains in the galaxy, usually being in the top 20 of the Galactic Villain Leaderboard.

Physical appearance

General McGuffin after getting fried.

General McGuffin is a tall eagle-like alien with large wings, white and brown feathers, and a bulbous beak. He wears a star-spangled military uniform befitting a general that is decorated with all manner of medals.

After getting blasted by Lord Hater, he became a bucket of fried alien chicken, with the only thing remaining intact being his cap. The bucket has orange and white stripes as well as the words "Mc. Guffin" printed on it. The bucket also bears his smiling image.

Powers and Abilities

General McGuffin is a strategic military genius with a well trained militia of minions and a heavily fortified and near-impregnable fortress armed to the teeth with horrifying weapons and defenses. His soldiers are skilled in several fields of combat and some units and battalions posses dangerous abilities and skills. Having consistently been within the top rankings of the villain leaderboard shows that McGuffin is a notorious and powerful villain. He does not seem to have any powers, instead relying on his soldiers and strategy, however he is capable of flight and primarily fights by riding on a large missile. After becoming a bucket of fried alien chicken, it is unknown how his abilities still hold up.


Season 2


  • General McGuffin's name is based on a MacGuffin; a plot device that serves as the main goal for a story but at the same time unimportant to the plot.
  • Before "The Battle Royale", he was in 11th place on the Galactic Villain Leaderboard.
  • He seems to be based on a typical American general as well as the American Bald Eagle, giving him somewhat of a patriotic military theme.
  • Despite becoming a bucket of fried alien chicken, he is still confirmed to somehow be alive and that the writers won't stop until all the villains become foodstuffs.[1]