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Fist Fighters
The Picnic - no one shal pass
Gender: Unknown
Friends and Family
Emperor Awesome (boss), Knucklehead
Lord Hater, Commander Peepers, Watchdogs, Wander, Lord Dominator
Physical Information
Track suit with Emperor Awesome's "A" logo on it.
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
Sam Riegel
Tom Kenny

The Fist Fighters are Emperor Awesome's minions that appear to be fists with bodies. They wear blue, purple, and white bodysuits with an "A" on them. They, along with the battle dinosaur, are Emperor Awesome's minions. They also appear to like music. The Fist Fighters are more like the good guys, while the Watchdogs are more like the bad guys, but they are bad guys along with Emperor Awesome, as revealed in "The Party Animal".


"The Picnic"[]


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Background Information[]

  • In Japan, they are called "ゲンコツ軍団 (Genkotsu gundan). Which means "Fist corps"
  • In Ukraine, they are called "Кулачки" ("Kulachky"). Which means ""Fists"
  • They could be considered the opposite of the Watchdogs.