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Dr. Screwball Jones
Dr. Screwball Jones
Species: Banana
Gender: Male
Occupation: Villain
Friends and Family
* Wander
Physical Information
Big colorful puffy hair coming out from the sides of his head
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Boy Wander"
Voiced by:
Weird Al Yankovic

Dr. Screwball Jones is a villain that debuted in Season 2. He is Wander's nemesis from the past and he is voiced by Weird Al Yankovic.[1]

Physical appearance

He has a banana-shaped head and wears a pair of Groucho Marx glasses with a mustache whose ends apparently act like his arms. Dr. Screwball Jones also wears a top hat, polka-dot bow tie, doctor's head mirror, and a clown wig.


Screwball Jones is similar to Wander, in that he wants to make everyone in the universe happy. However, he is maniacal and plots to force everyone in the universe to be happy by taking over it, which clashes against Wander's more care giving nature. He is fond of puns and is able to create them with ease. He is very insistent of his doctoral status and is able to realize when a situation is ironic. He admires polka music and is quite fond of the accordion. He is unable to resist a good gag and will not pass up a chance to use it to make as many puns as possible, even if he is on the verge of victory.

Screwball hand powers.gif

Powers and Abilities

As shown in "The Boy Wander", Dr. Screwball has a concertina (or accordion ) that is able to shoot music note-filled beams when played. His hat can sprout multiple hands for extra dexterity.

Screwball using his accordion laser.




Screwball Jones and Wander were enemies in the past. Dr. Screwball Jones does offer Wander to team up with him since they both have the same goal of spreading happiness but Screwball is not above attacking him.


Season 2


  • Screwball's the first villain that Wander treats with utmost importance and seriousness.
  • Dr. Screwball is similar to the famous DC Villain Joker, as their plans revolve around forcing others to laugh.
  • Screwball has an online PhD. (therefore calling himself Dr. Screwball Jones).
  • Dr. Screwball Jones is based on several gags: He resembles a banana (slipping on a banana peels), has moustache "limbs" (semi-common cartoon joke), a doctor's mirror (fake PhD), swirly glasses (real life toy), clown wigs (based on clowns), polka dot bow tie (semi-common cartoon character clothing), and a top hat (magician gag). His weapon is an accordian, referencing the music that usually plays during these gags.
  • In Russia, he is called Сбрендил (Sbrendil), which roughly translates to crazy.
  • In Ukraine he is called "Доктор Джонс Божевільний" ("Doktor Dzhons Bozhevilʹnyy"), which translates "Dr. Jones is crazy".